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Is your council or housing association home in a state of disrepair? If you pay your landlord rent and they refuse to make repairs vital to the safety of your home or yourself – you could be eligible to claim compensation for housing disrepair. Our professional team works on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning you don’t pay a penny until we win your case. Our success fee is both ethical and one of the lowest in the market.

Don’t be ignored and fobbed off any longer. Contact us today to discuss your situation and seek free legal advice. Our housing disrepair solicitors will fight on your behalf for your repairs and for the maximum compensation you deserve. We will listen to you and support you through the whole process.

The housing disrepair claim check list

Can you answer yes to the following questions? If so, please get in touch so that we can discuss your case further:

Are you renting your home from the council or a housing association?

Are your rent payments up to date?

Is your landlord responsible for the disrepair?

Has the disrepair been reported to your landlord?

Has your landlord failed to repair the issue within a reasonable amount of time?

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1. Get in Touch

Are you a council or housing association tenant? Contact us and tell us about your matter. We work on a 100% No Win No Fee basis, so you won’t pay a penny unless we win. Give as much information as you can. The more information you can provide, the better chance of successfully resolving your case. The initial assessment is always free and with no obligation to engage afterwards. Call 020 8578 7778.

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2. Build Your Case

Let our experts do all the legal work for you. We will explain what documents you need to provide so that we can process your application. Once received, our disrepair lawyers will complete and submit the necessary documents to counterparties and courts.

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3. Success

Remove the stress by having our disrepair lawyer by your side. Let us do the hard work. We will keep you updated every step of the way resulting in a successful outcome.

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Types of housing disrepair

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    No Win No Fee

    We work on a No Win No Fee basis for personal injury and housing disrepair claims. We only take on cases we are confident we can win. If we lose, you don’t pay our fees.

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    Our highly experienced solicitors and consultants have secured millions of pounds in compensation.

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    Social Housing in North Yorkshire and Middlesbrough

    Middlesbrough social housing is managed by private landlords, who are known as registered social landlords. There are also charitable organisations who offer accommodation in North Yorkshire or Middlesbrough. If you wish to apply for housing in Middlesbrough, you can approach a housing association. Middlesbrough social housing is exclusive to housing organisations run by private landlords. As of April 2023, North Yorkshire Home Choice will be in charge of housing throughout North Yorkshire.

    Housing Estates in North Yorkshire include:

    • Grove Hill, in Middlesborough
    • Ryecroft Place
    • Sandy Lane
    • Sherbourne Road
    • Field Cottages
    • Crooklands
    • Hambleton Avenue
    • St Mary’s Walk
    • Station Road
    • Church Close
    • Chapel Court

    Housing Association Homes in Middlesbrough and North Yorkshire

    Housing associations are run by registered social landlords capable of issuing low rent houses to those on a low income. These social landlords provide housing support throughout Middlesbrough and North Yorkshire. Within Middlesbrough itself, housing associations are the primary way to find affordable housing near you. Remember, just because you live in a low income social house, does not mean your right to seek compensation for disrepair is any less than that of a person living in a privately rented home.

    Housing Associations in North Yorkshire include:

    • The Leeds and Yorkshire Housing Association
    • Montpellier Court Guinness Care & Support
    • Ripon YMCA
    • The Red House
    • Sowerby
    • Bedale
    • Broadacres
    • Brompton
    • Potto
    • The Ranch House
    • The Railway Housing Association

    Housing Associations in Middlesbrough include:

    • Hastings House
    • Accent Housing
    • North Star
    • English Churches Housing Group
    • Home Group
    • Langridge Housing Association
    • Anchor Housing
    • Home Housing Association
    • William Sutton Trust Ltd
    • Thirteen Housing
    • Affinity Sutton Homes
    • Endeavour Housing Association

    What qualifies as a disrepair?

    Irrespective of age or condition, all rental accommodations in England and Wales must comply with basic standards of health, safety, cleanliness, and durability to ensure they are suitable for human habitation, as stated by the law.

    When you report a repair to your landlord, they have a duty of care to you to perform those repairs. Unless otherwise agreed, it is the landlord’s responsibility to the tenant to provide a home with heating, hot water, sanitation facilities and a secure home.

    Seek the services of experienced housing disrepair solicitors

    Those living in council homes or in houses provided by registered social landlords have the opportunity to rent a property for below the area’s average rental prices. You may be temporarily or permanently rehomed with a housing association in North Yorkshire or Middlesbrough. Although the associations take care of many of the social houses in the area, not all homes provided are in the best state of repair. Housing associations and older council properties in the area are liable to fall into a state of disrepair faster simply due to the age of the building.

    Contact our friendly and professional team of housing disrepair solicitors today to start your compensation claim.

    How much can I claim for housing disrepair?

    Every housing disrepair matter varies in severity, so we cannot determine how much you may be entitled until we assess your case. This is a detailed list of the things you can claim for:

    Damage to Property:

    If your personal property has been damaged, from mould or a leak for example, you will be able to claim for the expense of replacing or repairing these items. Examples might include broken TVs, damaged bedding, clothes, carpets, and furniture.

    Personal Injury:

    Housing disrepair can cause a number of adverse health effects, including:

    • Pneumonia
    • Asthma
    • Gastrointestinal problems
    • Carbon monoxide poisoning
    • Depression and anxiety

    Furthermore, if you or a family has suffered as a result of your landlord’s negligence you can claim compensation for:

    • Medical costs
    • Aftercare
    • Medication
    • Pain and suffering

    General Inconvenience and Suffering:

    You do not need to have suffered an injury to claim compensation. You can receive compensation if the disrepair has caused you inconvenience and suffering.

    What evidence do I need to make a claim?

    Your evidence can include:

    • Photographs
    • Videos
    • Witness Statements
    • Medical Records
    • Police Records
    • Diary Entries
    • Damaged Belongings
    • Receipts

    Are you afraid of your aggressive landlord?

    If you feel nervous that your landlord may act aggressively towards you due to the fact that you have made a complaint, we can handle the settlement agreement and all the future interactions. You have nothing to worry about. Your lawyer will be the person to speak to your landlord instead of you.

    Do you need legal support making your housing disrepair claim?

    Making a housing disrepair claim

    Has your landlord failed to make repairs to your home?

    Our highly experienced housing disrepair solicitors will fight for your repairs and compensation on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. Contact us for a free consultation.

    If your rented home falls below a reasonable living standard because it has damp, mould or other issues, you could make a claim for compensation. You must have reported the issues and given your landlord a reasonable amount of time to repair the issues. If they have not you can make a claim for damage, personal injury, financial loss and/or nuisance.

    Your landlord is responsible for the above repairs irrespective of what your tenancy agreement says. Your landlord may be responsible for additional repairs stated in your tenancy agreement.

    Claims can be made either during your tenancy or after your tenancy, as long as you are making the claim within 6 years of the date that you informed your landlord of the disrepair. Personal injury claims related to housing disrepair must be made within 3 years of the date that you informed your landlord.

    Your landlord may not be responsible for repairs if they are a result of you either not taking care of the property properly or doing something unreasonable.

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