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Deportation from the UK

Are you facing deportation? If you overstay the limits of your visa or if you are in the UK illegally, the UK government might well deport you. If the UK government want to deport you, hiring an immigration lawyer may protect you from the force of the law. If you want a fighting chance to avoid deportation from the UK back to your country, call us today.

Here is everything you need to know about facing deportation from the UK. Remember to contact us immediately if the Home Office have informed you of your imminent deportation. We could help fight your case and extend the length of time you can remain in the UK. We can even help you obtain a visa the correct way or apply for Asylum status as a refugee.

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1. Get in Touch

Contact us and tell us about your deportation case. The initial consultation is always free and with no obligation to engage afterwards. Give as much information as you can. The more info you can provide, the better chance of resolving your issue.

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2. Build Your Case

Avoid the stress. Our deportation experts can do all the legal work for you. Gather and provide necessary documents with the advice provided by one of our immigration solicitors.

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3. Success

Let us do the hard work. Remove anxiety by having our deportation lawyer guide you and process your visa for you. We will keep you in the loop every step of the way from the start of your case to the very end.

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    What is deportation?

    Deportation is the process the government goes through when they want to return you to your own country. If you come to Scotland, England, Northern Ireland or Wales illegally then the UK government are within their rights to ask you to leave the country if:

    • you overstay the agreed time outlined in your visa application,
    • you had an application to stay in the UK refused,
    • you have broken the rules of your visa or leave to remain (e.g. working without the permission).

    They will write to you to formally tell you that they are asking you to leave the country. You can choose to comply and leave, or you can appeal the decision.

    Deportation or Administrative Removal, is the process of the UK government sending you home. If you are a criminal and breached your visa by conducting illegal activity, then you may face deportation home under the banner of “removal for the public good.” Moving quickly is vital if you wish to stay in Britain.

    How can an deportation solicitor help?

    As soon as the UK government write to you, you should seek our specialist advice immediately. We can guide you smoothly through the deportation process and represent your best interests. If the Home Office writes to you to say they are deporting you, call us first. We can examine your case in detail to decide if you have a chance of remaining in the UK. We will check to see:

    • that you have strong connections and/or family ties in the UK,
    • if the original decision discriminates against you, for example the reason is based on your ethnicity rather than your nationality,
    • if your home country is unsafe for you to return to.

    What happens if the Home Office rejects your challenge?

    If the home office decides your reasons to remain in the UK are not good enough, they will deport you. We cannot stress the importance of legal representation enough here. Having a lawyer on your side could be the difference between remaining in the UK and the government sending you away.

    If the home office rejects your challenge, they will do so in writing. The letter they send you will tell you whether you can appeal or not. If you cannot appeal and you have no legal representation, then you have reached the end of your time in the UK, and you must go home. The UK government will issue a Deportation Order to have you removed. You can choose to leave voluntarily before hits if you have overstayed your visa.

    If you return home voluntarily then you can return to the UK one year later. If you cannot afford to pay for a flight home, you may need to wait for deportation.

    How long does it take for the Home Office to deport you?

    The Home Office aims to complete all deportation orders within 6 months. They will not deport you immediately. If you run, however, you will face imprisonment. When you have a deportation order in effect, you cannot return to the country for a set period. This period is 5 years if you took longer than 6 months to leave, and 2 years for appeals and those who leave within 6 months. Remember, if you leave of your own accord you may return within a single year.

    What if you do not have the money to return home?

    If you do not have the money to pay for your transportation out of the UK, the government may choose to help you. To be in with a chance of gaining this government aid to leave the UK, you must hire an immigration solicitor. Whether you claimed asylum in the UK or whether your Visa ran out, we can help inform you of your legal rights.

    Who can apply for help to return home?

    Anyone who is being formally deported can apply for help to return to their home country. The UK government will pay for your flights. Under extraordinary circumstances they may even pay up to £3,000 to help you re-settle in your home country if, for example, you are the victim of human trafficking.

    How to apply for UK Government help to return home

    You can apply for help to return to your own country once the government file a deportation order against you. The process is long and complicated, and legal representation is your best chance of approval.

    How a deportation solicitor can assist with the UK “Help to Return Home Scheme”

    Your best chance of receiving financial assistance to leave the UK is through a deportation solicitor. Those who may qualify for financial assistance include:

    • human trafficking victims,
    • asylum seekers,
    • victims of modern slavery,
    • EU citizens who do not qualify to stay in the UK under the Settles Status regulations.

    If any of these apply to you, you may be eligible for help to return home. A solicitor will help represent you to the authorities and give you the best chance of justice.

    Why do you need a deportation solicitor?

    You need a solicitor immediately upon receipt of your letter from the Home Office. The moment you find out you are under consideration for deportation, you ought to start protecting your own interests. The sooner you seek help, the more time we have to help fight your case. Call us today on 020 8578 7778.

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