Have you sustained a spinal injury?

Spinal Cord Injury Compensation Claim

If you receive an injury to your spinal cord that was not your fault, then seeking compensation through a personal injury solicitor could help you recover your losses. To learn more about claiming compensation for a spinal cord injury in the UK, please keep reading.

The UK Spinal Injuries Association report shows that there are as many as 2,500 spinal cord injuries each year, a massive increase on the previously estimated 1,000 cases each year.1 Spinal cord injuries can affect many bodily functions, so the damage can have far reaching and serious consequences. Our friendly personal injury solicitors can give you the impartial advice you need to make a claim. If you damage your spine in a work accident due to medical negligence, or your injury is the result of a road traffic accident, we can offer professional, no win, no fee advice on how to proceed.

1 SIA, 2022: https://www.spinal.co.uk/news/spinal-cord-injury-paralyses-someone-every-four-hours-new-estimates-reveal

You should be able to make a spinal cord injury claim if the accident:

Took place within the last three years

Caused you harm

Was caused by someone else (partially or wholly)

Process your spinal cord injury claim in 3 easy steps with us:

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1. Get in Touch

Contact us and tell us about your personal injury case. We work on a 100% no win no fee basis, so you won’t pay a penny unless we win. Give as much information as you can. The more information you can provide, the better chance of successfully maximising your compensation claim.

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2. Build Your Case

Let our injury experts do all the legal work for you. We will explain what documents you need to provide so that we can process your application. Once received, our injury lawyers will complete and submit the necessary documents to counterparties and courts.

3. Success

Remove the stress by having our injury lawyer by your side. Let us do the hard work. We will keep you updated every step of the way resulting in a successful outcome.

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    We work on a No Win No Fee basis for personal injury and housing disrepair claims. We only take on cases we are confident we can win. If we lose, you don’t pay our fees.

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    We provide access to medical care and other support services for personal injury claimants.

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    We can arrange interim compensation payments, where possible, for personal injury clients.

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    What are the signs of a spinal injury?

    The first signs of a spinal injury can take place after a work accident, car accident or even during surgery. Spinal cord injuries are likely to become serious and complex since they can involve multiple parts of your body.

    Signs of a spinal cord injury might include:

    • Extreme back pain that doesn’t go away with regular medication
    • Difficulty in walking straight
    • Difficulty in getting to your feet
    • Loss of balance
    • Muscular pain in your back or neck
    • Loss of bowel and/or bladder control
    • Tingling and/or numbness in your hands and feet

    Can you claim compensation for a spinal cord injury?

    If you suffer a serious spinal cord injury due to someone else’s negligence, then you can claim compensation from them to help with your costs. Examples of this might include a road traffic accident where the driver of the other car was found at fault. It might include a lack of safety provisions in the workplace that caused you to become injured. It might even include a fall from height in a public place due to a lack of handrails or safety precautions. The only requirement to launch a claim for compensation is that the accident was at least partially someone else’s fault.

    How to make a claim for a spinal cord injury?

    To start your claim for compensation, get in touch with our expert team of personal injury solicitors who have experience in handling these types of cases. Choosing a No Win No Fee personal injury solicitor will give you the best chance of success and will help you protect yourself against the legal fees that might accrue. We let you know the success fee in advance, so there are no surprises after you sign up.

    Speak with our personal injury solicitors and tell them the whole truth. We appreciate that your pain and suffering has caused you a great deal of distress, but do not be tempted to exaggerate the information you provide to us.  We need to know the full story so that we can accurately represent you. If you have a child under 18 who has suffered an injury, you can also seek assistance from our personal injury solicitors since you are their guardian.

    Our personal injury solicitors can talk you through your options. We will represent you in court and can negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

    How much compensation will you get for a spinal cord injury?

    There is no real way to know in advance what your case will be worth. Courts calculate compensation based on the nature of your injury, the ongoing costs associated with it, your loss of income and any other factors contributing to your case.

    If you believe you have the right to claim compensation for a spinal cord injury, contact us to speak with one of our personal injury experts and move one step closer to receiving the compensation you deserve.

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