Housing Disrepair: Gove calls out rogue landlords

Social landlords, including several councils, have come under fire recently from Housing Secretary Michael Gove. In a strongly worded statement, he stated that many landlords are routinely failing tenants with some living in appalling conditions.

Gove has singled out several social housing providers, including Birmingham and Lambeth Council, as well as large companies such as Orbit and Clarion. Neglectful landlords have been ordered to pay out increasing amounts of compensation, with over half a million being ordered in the last financial period of 2022 by the Ombudsman. Despite this increase, many tenants remain hesitant to take action against their local social landlords for fear of losing their homes.

The landlords negligence resulted in dangerous disrepairs

In some cases, landlords have simply ignored their tenants. In Lambeth, a tenant’s property was left boarded up for more than three years, with nothing being done despite persistent requests. In Birmingham, the council ignored another tenant’s pleas to have an old boiler and rotting floorboards fixed.

The tightening of regulations and the push to get the ombudsman involved more often has been driven by the death of toddler Awab Ishak in Rochdale caused by long-term exposure to mould. Gove has urged solicitors and tenants to first approach the Housing Ombudsman if there is an issue with a property and the landlord is not responding promptly.

The number of legal claims has been on the increase as tenants realise that they have a moral right to live in a property that is fit for human habitation. Of course, campaigners have been complaining for years and Gove’s comments, while welcome, were long overdue.


Why you may need a housing disrepair solicitor

Are you a resident of a property run by a local council or social housing association and the home requires urgent repairs? Our legal experts in housing disrepair can assist you in several ways. If your request for housing repairs has been ignored, our skilled solicitors specialising in housing disrepair claims can help you in demanding the necessary work to be done. Furthermore, we can support you in seeking compensation for damaged belongings, sicknesses, and injuries.

Our legal professionals have discovered that landlords frequently mistreat and mislead tenants about their rights. As a result, our housing disrepair solicitors offer more than just assistance in filing a housing health claim. They can provide guidance and support when you have suffered, ensuring you receive the justice you deserve. Our housing disrepair team is regulated by the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority and we can offer you a free case assessment. We may also be able to advise if you can use a No Win No Fee agreement which means you don’t have to find the upfront costs for legal action – in many cases where the social housing company has been negligent, we can arrange this.

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