Housing disrepair: your rights and recourse

When it comes to housing disrepair issues, it’s important to be in the know. You shouldn’t have to put up with bad living conditions or neglectful behaviour from your landlord, housing association, or council. There are steps you can take to tackle the issue, make complaints, and even get legal help if needed. This article is here to give renters like you important information about your rights, what councils and housing associations should do, and how lawyers can assist when you’re dealing with housing issues.

Understanding landlord responsibilities

At the heart of tenant rights is the legal duty of councils and housing associations to make sure their properties are kept in good shape. Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 sets out that properties must be well-maintained. This means providing a safe and healthy place to live that doesn’t put your health or safety at risk.

What counts as disrepair?

Issues with disrepair, which councils and housing associations are required to address, cover a wide range of problems. These include things like dampness, mould, pests, cracks in the structure, problems with sewage and drainage, heating system malfunctions, and more. It’s up to the council or housing association to quickly fix any reported repairs, both inside and outside. This covers things like the foundation, walls, roof, windows, and important systems like heating and plumbing. The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 also makes it clear that any serious disrepair that could harm your health or safety must be sorted out within two weeks.

Tenant rights: knowing where you stand

As a tenant, it’s crucial to understand your rights so you can use them effectively. Your right to live in a well-kept property is basic. Your home should be free from disrepair and not pose any health or safety risks. Reporting any problems to your landlord on time is really important. If your landlord takes too long to fix the problem and you have to spend money to fix it yourself, you should get that money back.

Also, you have the right to enjoy your home peacefully. The council or housing association can’t come in without permission, they need to let you know beforehand. No matter your personal situation, you deserve to be treated fairly. It’s good to remember that for tenancies over 18 months and non-transitional accommodations, you’re entitled to stay in the property (Part 4 rights) after six months.

How a housing disrepair solicitor can help

When you’re facing issues with housing problems and your rights aren’t being respected, getting legal advice is a smart move. Lawyers who specialise in housing disrepair can offer really helpful support. They know all about housing laws and can help you navigate tricky situations to make sure your rights are protected and the right actions are taken. Whether you’re dealing with ongoing problems, lack of response from your landlord, or breaches of your tenant rights, a housing disrepair lawyer can guide you through the steps of making a claim about housing issues.

Empowering tenants

Housing problems can cause a lot of trouble and affect your well-being, but renters have rights that give them the power to ask for better living conditions. Knowing what councils and housing associations should do, understanding your rights as a tenant, and getting help from experienced housing disrepair solicitor can all help you deal with housing problems effectively. Always remember, you deserve a safe and comfortable home, and the law is there to make sure that right is protected.

How SilverOak Solicitors can support you with housing disrepair issues

At SilverOak Solicitors, we understand how frustrating and upsetting housing disrepair issues can be. Our skilled team specialises in providing expert legal help to tenants who are dealing with bad living conditions. If you’re facing problems like dampness, structural issues, heating problems, or other disrepair concerns, we’re here to lead you through the process.

With a deep understanding of housing laws and tenant rights, we can help you work through the complexities of making a claim about housing issues. Our aim is to make sure your voice is heard and your living conditions get better. Let SilverOak Solicitors be your champion in making sure you get the safe, comfortable home you deserve.

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