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Accident on Holiday/Abroad Compensation Claims

If you were injured abroad and it wasn’t your fault, our highly experienced personal injury solicitors will fight for your compensation on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. Don’t miss out on holiday injury compensation just because you think it’s too complex. You don’t need to navigate foreign legal systems or return to the country where the injury occurred. Thanks to the Package Tour Regulations, you can pursue your claim without these hassles.


Holiday injuries can quickly turn your dream vacation into a nightmare, affecting not only you but also your entire group. The stress of getting hurt, visiting doctors or hospitals, and missing planned activities can take the fun out of your trip.


But here’s the good news: you can claim compensation for various holiday mishaps, such as pool accidents, slips, food poisoning, theme park incidents, or injuries from faulty equipment. Don’t let these setbacks ruin your holiday – get the compensation you deserve.

You should be able to make a personal injury claim if the accident:

Took place within the last three years

Caused you harm

Was caused by someone else (partially or wholly)

Process your personal injury claim in 3 easy steps with us:

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1. Get in Touch

Contact us and tell us about your personal injury case. We work on a 100% no win no fee basis, so you won’t pay a penny unless we win. Give as much information as you can. The more information you can provide, the better chance of successfully maximising your compensation claim.

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2. Build Your Case

Let our injury experts do all the legal work for you. We will explain what documents you need to provide so that we can process your application. Once received, our injury lawyers will complete and submit the necessary documents to counterparties and courts.

3. Success

Remove the stress by having our injury lawyer by your side. Let us do the hard work. We will keep you updated every step of the way resulting in a successful outcome.

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    Why choose SilverOak Solicitors?

    No Win No Fee

    We work on a No Win No Fee basis for personal injury and housing disrepair claims. We only take on cases we are confident we can win. If we lose, you don’t pay our fees.

    Highly Experienced

    Our highly experienced solicitors and consultants have secured millions of pounds in compensation.

    Excellent Client Care

    You’ll have a dedicated file handler and senior solicitor working on your case so you won’t need to speak to lots of different people.

    Access to Medical Care

    We provide access to medical care and other support services for personal injury claimants.

    Interim Compensation Payments

    We can arrange interim compensation payments, where possible, for personal injury clients.

    SRA Regulated Law Firm

    We are a trustworthy SRA regulated law firm and member of The Law Society.

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    Accident on Holiday/Abroad

    You qualify to make an accident on holiday/abroad claim if you were injured while in another country for work or fun-related activities because of someone else’s carelessness or miscalculations.

    Your injuries could result from incidents such as traffic collision, food poisoning, ship accident, trips and falls, aviation accident or faulty hotel equipment. Dealing with your claim abroad can be pretty complicated, especially when you don’t know the laws of the land or the language.

    The assistance of a skilled solicitor who will follow the right process can help you when making these claims.

    The most common accidents that can happen while on holiday:

    • Slips and Falls: Accidents caused by slipping on wet floors, uneven surfaces, or poorly maintained sidewalks.
    • Swimming Pool Accidents: Including slips around the pool, diving injuries, and water-related mishaps.
    • Food Poisoning: Resulting from consuming contaminated or improperly prepared meals.
    • Theme Park Accidents: Injuries from amusement park rides or due to inadequate safety measures.
    • Transportation Accidents: Including car crashes, boat or cruise ship mishaps, and accidents during air travel.
    • Sports and Recreation Injuries: Such as accidents during water sports, hiking, or other recreational activities.
    • Illnesses: Contracting illnesses due to unsanitary conditions or local health risks.
    • Falls from Heights: Accidents from balconies, terraces, or stairs.
    • Animal-Related Injuries: Including insect bites, animal attacks, or allergic reactions.
    • Injuries from Faulty Equipment: Accidents due to the malfunction of equipment like gym machines or watercraft.

    Essential steps after experiencing an accident abroad

    When you’ve experienced an accident abroad, there are several crucial steps you should take:

    • Seek Medical Attention: Your health should be your priority. Get medical help immediately, even for seemingly minor injuries. This not only ensures your well-being but also provides a record of your injuries.
    • Gather Evidence: If it’s safe to do so, collect evidence at the scene. This can include taking photos, getting contact information from any witnesses, and documenting the details of the accident.
    • Report the Incident: Inform the local authorities about the accident. This step is important for insurance claims and legal procedures.
    • Notify Your Travel Insurance Provider: If you have travel insurance, report the incident to your provider as soon as possible. They can guide you on the next steps for filing a claim.
    • Contact a Personal Injury Solicitor: Get in touch with a one of our expert personal injury solicitors. We can help you navigate the legal aspects and pursue a compensation claim.
    • Keep Records: Maintain a file with all relevant documents, such as medical records, police reports, travel insurance information, and any communication with authorities or legal representatives.
    • Stay Informed: Stay informed about your rights and the regulations regarding personal injury claims in the country where the incident occurred.

    How Much Is The Compensation?

    As with most personal injury cases, it’s hard to accurately tell the precise amount of your accident on holiday/abroad compensation, but we will take various factors into consideration such as:

    • the nature of the accident
    • when you’re likely to recover
    • the cost of the necessary medical treatment and other expenses you’ll incur
    • loss of employment or earnings

    Who Will Pay?

    The person or company legally responsible for your accident while abroad pays your compensation.

    How Personal Injury Solicitors can help

    Personal injury solicitors can help you get the compensation you deserve for accidents that occur abroad. They are well experienced in in handling international injury cases, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with foreign legal systems or returning to the place of the accident. Additionally, with a No Win No Fee basis, you won’t have to pay unless your case is successful. They will manage complex tasks, such as gathering evidence and liaising with authorities and insurance companies, while you can concentrate on your recovery. Don’t miss the compensation you’re entitled to – reach out to SilverOak Solicitors.

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