Immigration Services Pricing Guide

Get in touch with our immigration experts for a wide range of immigration services, including: all types of visas, citizenship and asylum applications. Please note, we do not offer legal aid or free consultations for immigration services.

Immigration Consultation Fee

£75 + VAT / 30 minutes

During your consultation, you will receive bespoke guidance from one of our immigration specialists. It is your opportunity to discuss your case and receive detailed information about your options. We will also help you understand the process, necessary documents, costs, and estimated processing times. For your convenience, the consultation can take place either in person or over the phone. If you decide to move forward with your matter, the consultation fee will be deducted from the service cost.

Here is what you can expect during your immigration consultation:

Review your unique situation and explore how we can help you achieve your immigration goals.

Discuss the requirements you need to meet to qualify for your matter.

Receive advice on the best documentary evidence to support your case.

Get an overview of the expected processing times for your application.

Furthermore, as a bonus, after booking your initial consultation, you will have three days to ask any follow-up questions at no additional charge. We are here to assist you every step of the way!

Naturalisation or Registration as a British Citizen (Adult)

Non-complex case (Adult) £300 – £700 + VAT
Complex case (Adult) £1000 – £1500 + VAT
Registration of a Child as a British Citizen in the UK £250 – £450 + VAT

Registration of a Child as a British Citizen from abroad/Application for first British Passport from the UK or abroad

Registration of a Child as a British Citizen from abroad £500 + VAT
Application for a first British Passport from the UK or from abroad (Adult or Child- complex) £700
Application for a first British Passport from the UK or from abroad (Adult or Child- non-complex) £400
Application for a family permit for a spouse or dependant relatives, under the EU Settlement Scheme £500 + VAT

Applications under the Immigration Rules

Visit Visa for tourism, medical, family £500 – £750 + VAT
Visa as domestic servant £500 + VAT
Ancestry visas £750 – 1200 + VAT
Other Categories, such as applications on the basis of long residence (20 years), settling in the UK (10 years lawful residence), outside the Rules on Human Rights grounds £1000 – 1500 + VAT

Family Visas

Applications under the Immigration Rules Appendix FM: Family members

Leave to Enter or Remain with a Partner (non-complex) £500 + VAT
Leave to Enter or Remain with a Partner (complex) £1000 – 3000 + VAT
Settlement with a Partner / Spouse Visa £1000 – 3000 + VAT
Fiancé Visa £1000 – 3000 + VAT
Settlement as a Victim of Domestic Violence (Non-Complex) £500 + VAT
Settlement as a Victim of Domestic Violence (Complex) £500 – 1000 + VAT
Settlement application for a child (indefinite leave to enter) £500 + VAT
Leave to Enter or Remain as a Parent of a Child in the UK £1500 + VAT
Adult Dependent Relative £2000 – 2500 + VAT
Adoption (leave to enter ‘’outside the Rules’’ where the adoption is not recognised in the UK) £4500 – 5500 + VAT
De Facto Adoption entry clearance (not complex) £2500 + VAT
De Facto Adoption entry clearance (complex) £4000 – 7000 + VAT

Applications under the Tier Points-Based System 

Tier 1

Investor (extension) £2000 – 6000 + VAT
UK expansion worker (with sponsorship licence) £3000 – 10000 + VAT
Entrepreneur Extension £2000 – 8000 + VAT
Global talent (combined fee for endorsement and entry clearance/leave to remain) £4000 – 4500 + VAT
Innovator with endorsement (new scheme) £6000 – 8000 + VAT
Settlement for the above categories £4000 – 4500 + VAT

Tier 2 / Skilled Worker

Sponsorship licence £1500 – 6000 + VAT
Senior or specialist worker £2500 – 5000 + VAT
Skilled worker (leave to enter or remain / settlement for main applicant) £1500 – 5000 + VAT

Tier 4 / Student

Tier 4 student visa  – entry clearance application as a Tier 4 (General) Student £1000 – 3000 + VAT
Application for Extension of Tier 4 (General) Visa £1000 – 1500 + VAT
Parent of child in school (General) Visa £2000 – 3000 + VAT
Graduate Visa £1000 + VAT

Tier 5

Tier 5 – Religious worker / Youth Mobility Scheme £2000 – 3000 + VAT

Dependants of The Tier Points Based System 

Application made with the main applicant £1000 per applicant + VAT
Application made independently of the main applicant £2500 per applicant + VAT
Replacement of your visa with BRP/lost BRP £500 + VAT

Applications for Hong Kong British National  

British National (Overseas) visa applications £1500 + VAT


Initial asylum claim up to decision including attendance at substantive interview £1500 + VAT
Appeal up to and including First Tier Tribunal & Upper Tribunal £1500 + VAT
Court of Appeal POA
Judicial Review POA


Fees vary depending on the type of application and the stage of any court matter.

  • Home Office and UKCAS fees:
    Please also note that the Immigration Health Surcharge is payable for most types of immigration application whether made in the UK or overseas:
  • First Tier Tribunal fees:
  • Higher court fees:
  • Barrister (Counsel) fees: These will be dependent on the seniority/year of Call of Counsel instructed as well as the amount of time involved, the complexity of the matter and the number of hearings that need to be attended. The fee/s will be agreed and payable prior to Counsel being instructed. Counsel fees vary for different stage/types of work. VAT will be payable where applicable.


  • Interpreter fees: Where required we can suggest various translation agencies to approach; independent interpreters will only be instructed from recognised agencies. Fees will include the interpreter’s travel and waiting time and time spent in the meeting. Fees will be quoted for the estimated time required on hourly basis and can vary if the attendance is longer than anticipated. All fees will be agreed and payable prior to the interpreter being confirmed. VAT will be payable where applicable.


  • Document translation: Documents other than in English provided to the Home Office, Tribunals and courts must be accompanied by a certified translation. We will seek 3 quotes and, upon confirmation, fees must be placed on account prior to us confirming the instruction. VAT will be payable where applicable.


  • Experts: On occasion it may be necessary to instruct experts such as for a country report, family circumstances report, psychological/psychiatric/GP report, etc. Advice will be provided as to the most suitable expert/s to approach for a quotation. All fees will be agreed and payable prior to the expert being instructed. VAT will be payable where applicable.
  • Other: The professional fees quoted will not cover excess postage costs and courier charges, nor our travel and waiting time and travel costs where it is necessary to work on your matter out of our offices, such as at court. Again, these will be explained and agreed before the work is undertaken.

Disbursements will, in general, be settled by ourselves on your behalf.

Please note that court and Home Office fees are usually increased on an annual basis.

VAT, currently charged at 20%, does not apply in all cases; it generally applies to clients who have or have had leave to remain in the UK.

If in immigration application is not listed above, then please contact us and we will discuss your requirements and advise on fees.

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