Business Immigration Services:
UK Visas and Sponsor Licenses

Are you looking to employ migrant workers or start a business in the UK? SilverOak Solicitors are here to advise and support you at every step of your legal journey. Get in touch with us now to book your immigration consultation and begin the stress-free application process.

For immigration services, we provide competitive Fixed Fees, always with your best interests in mind.

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    Immigration services:

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    Business Immigration Services:
    UK Visas and Sponsor Licenses

    Are you looking to employ migrant workers or start a business in the UK? SilverOak Solicitors are here to advise and support you at every step of your legal journey. Get in touch with us now to book your immigration consultation and begin the stress-free application process.

    For immigration services, we provide competitive Fixed Fees, always with your best interests in mind.

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      Immigration services:

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      Business Immigration Services in London

      You are in good hands!

      Are you a business looking to recruit migrant workers or an individual who is seeking to start a business in the UK? At SilverOak Solicitors, we offer extensive expertise in all aspects of business immigration, including a wide range of visas and sponsor licenses. Using our services, we have the scope to help individuals and businesses that are looking for a way into the UK market while remaining legally compliant. We recognise the complexity of immigration application processes, providing tailored strategies to meet your unique needs and safeguard your business, as well as employees from potential legal consequences. Trust us to be your reliable partner in navigating the intricacies of immigration law.

      Our business immigration experts are committed to providing personalised support throughout the entire process to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome. We guarantee that our competitive prices are fixed with no hidden costs. Contact us now to schedule your immigration consultation, and take the first step toward your success. Please be aware that we can represent you, regardless of your location worldwide or within the UK. Many of our immigration clients engage our services from countries such as India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Brazil, the United States, Australia, and Canada.

      Who should speak with a business immigration expert

      Are you a business in the UK with employed migrant workers or looking to hire?

      Are you an individual seeking to start a business or work in the UK?

      Is your business interested in establishing a branch or subsidiary in the UK?

      Are you an individual or business facing challenges in navigating business immigration law?

      Process your business immigration application in 3 easy steps with us

      SilverOak Solicitors - personal injury, housing disrepair and immigration services. Talk to our experts

      1. Get in Touch

      Let's chat about your immigration matter. The consultation fee is £75+VAT for 30 minutes. Our warm and friendly immigration experts will provide you with personalised advice, tailored just for you. We're here to make your immigration journey easy - discuss your case and provide you with all the information on your options. Call 020 8578 7778.

      SilverOak Solicitors - personal injury, housing disrepair and immigration services. Gathering evidences, signing paperwork

      2. Build Your Case

      Your immigration matter is in capable hands. If you choose to proceed with your matter, we'll deduct the consultation fee from your service cost. We'll guide you on the required documents, timing, and fees, handle the processing of your application, and ensure all necessary paperwork is completed and submitted to counterparties and courts. Let us take care of the entire process for you!

      SilverOak Solicitors - personal injury, housing disrepair and immigration services. Happy client

      3. Success

      Remove the stress by having our immigration lawyer by your side. Let our immigration experts handle all the legal work for you. We will keep you updated every step of the way resulting in a successful outcome.

      Don’t hesitate, take action now

      Wide range of business immigration services

      Bespoke solutions tailored to your business needs

      Business Visitor Visa

      Elevate your business effortlessly with our dedicated support on the Business Visitor Visa, facilitating short-term visits for essential activities like meetings, negotiations, and trade engagements in the UK.

      Innovator Visa

      Transform your business with the Innovator Visa, a pathway designed for innovative businesses and entrepreneurs. Our expert guidance ensures a smooth journey through the complex immigration processes.

      Start-up Visa

      Unlock new possibilities with the Start-up Visa. Our experienced business immigration solicitors will support you through the application process, ensuring a solid foundation for your success.

      Global Business Mobility Visa

      Our dedicated team of business immigration experts is committed to guiding you through the intricacies of the visa, empowering you to unlock new opportunities for your organisation.

      Sponsor Licences

      Rely on our business immigration experts to secure and manage your Sponsor Licence, guaranteeing compliance and expanding your company horizons to embrace a diverse pool of talented individuals for sustainable growth.

      Other Services

      Discover our tailored business immigration solutions that encompass visa acquisition, legal navigation, compliance assurance, and strategic planning. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring your success through the complexity of the immigration law.

      Competitive Prices with No Hidden Fees

      Rest assured, our competitive prices are fair and fixed with no hidden fees. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with one of our immigration experts. The consultation fee is £75+VAT for 30 minutes. If you decide to proceed with your matter, the consultation fee will be deducted from the service fee.

      The benefits of booking an immigration consultation

      Embark on your path to success with our expert guidance

      Understanding Options

      We want to assure you that you are never obligated to use our services. We understand that your matter is important to you, and during the consultation, we provide information to help you make an informed decision.

      Personalised Guidance

      During your immigration consultations we will provide you with personalised advice tailored to your specific circumstances. Our professional immigration experts can assess your situation and provide guidance based on current immigration laws and regulations.

      Clarifying Complex Processes

      Immigration processes can be complex and involve extensive paperwork. Our experts can simplify these processes, guiding you through the application steps, required documents, timing, costs, and any potential obstacles.

      Preventing Costly Mistakes

      Professional guidance can help you avoid common mistakes that could lead to delays or rejections in the immigration process. This proactive approach can save you time, money, and potential frustration.

      Assessment of Eligibility

      Our immigration experts can assess your eligibility for different immigration paths, and discuss the requirements you need to meet to qualify for your matter. This evaluation helps to increase the likelihood of a successful application.

      Get in touch with one of our immigration experts

      We make it easy for you to speak with our immigration experts

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        Speak with one of our immigration experts

        Immigration services:

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        Use the online chat on our website

        Call us on 020 8578 7778

        E-mail us

        Visit us at our office. We are open Monday-Friday 9am - 5.30pm

        When you first contact us, we will ask for some initial details, including your contact information and the nature of your immigration enquiry. You can be assured that everything you discuss with us will be completely confidential, and any information stored by us will be in accordance with UK data protection regulations.

        At SilverOak Solicitors, we provide our clients with regular updates using a range of secure platforms such as video calls, voice calls, and secure messaging, all for your convenience!

        Immigration Services in London

        We are here to represent you, no matter where you are located

        For London-based clients, our strategically located office in the heart of Greenford Broadway within the London Borough of Ealing offers easy access to major transportation hubs. Connected to Ealing Broadway Station, Greenford Central Line, and the British Rail Overground Station, our office is conveniently served by multiple bus routes.

        If you plan to visit our Greenford office, we welcome walk-ins, but to ensure efficient service and avoid any inconvenience, it’s advisable to schedule an appointment with one of our immigration experts in advance. Contact us at 020 8578 7778 to book your appointment and receive expert guidance on your immigration matters.

        The benefits of using SilverOak Solicitors

        The legal firm that puts you first

        Our immigration services are based on Fixed Rates. You will know about all costs upfront, so there are no surprises.

        Fixed rates with
        no hidden costs

        We will provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of all associated costs in advance during the immigration consultation, ensuring complete transparency and eliminating any surprises throughout the application process.

        We are a trustworthy SRA regulated law firm and member of The Law Society.

        SRA regulated
        law firm

        As a reputable and reliable law firm, we are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and proud members of The Law Society, ensuring the highest standards of legal practice and professionalism in handling your matters.

        We are always happy to communicate with you in the most convenient way


        We offer flexibility and various ways of communication to ensure your convenience. Whether it’s through email, text messages, phone calls, or video calls, we are committed to providing a personalised experience tailored to your needs.

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        Why choose SilverOak Solicitors?

        Personal injury, housing disrepair, and immigration experts

        Fixed rates

        Our immigration services are based on Fixed Rates. You will know about all costs upfront, so there are no surprises.

        Fixed rates

        Our immigration services are based on Fixed Rates. You will know about all costs upfront, so there are no surprises.

        Highly Experienced

        Our highly experienced solicitors and consultants have secured millions of pounds in compensation.

        Excellent Client Care

        You’ll have a dedicated file handler and senior solicitor working on your case so you won’t need to speak to lots of different people.

        SRA Regulated Law Firm

        We are a trustworthy SRA regulated law firm and member of The Law Society.

        Do you need legal assistance with your immigration application?

        When do you need an Immigration Lawyer?

        The evolving landscape of UK immigration regulations demands precision and expert guidance. At SilverOak Solicitors, we specialise in various business immigration services tailored to your specific needs. Our commitment lies in offering expert guidance, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of UK business immigration. We’ve helped countless individuals with their immigration matter, let us do all the legal work for you.

        Whether you’re seeking to start a business or invest in the UK or trying to employ migrant workers, our immigration lawyers can help you navigate the legal complexities and determine the best course of action for your situation. If you’re uncertain about what steps to take in any immigration-related matter, speak to our immigration lawyer. At SilverOak Solicitors, we prioritise your success, delivering tailored solutions for a seamless transition into the UK market. We’ll walk you through the process and make sure you’re well-informed about the next steps to take. Reach out to us today and begin your journey toward your success in the UK with confidence and clarity.

        UK business immigration services

        Navigating the complex UK immigration rules for starting a professional career or bringing an employee to the country can be a time-consuming, stressful, and costly process. Seeking the advice of immigration experts can save you time, money, and stress, while ensuring that your business achieves the desired outcome.

        If you’re looking to pursue a career in the UK, you’ll need to apply for special permission. The type of visa you’ll need depends on your skills and the nature of the industry you wish to work in. Some examples include the Skilled Worker Visa, Health and Care Worker Visa, International Sportsperson Visa, Charity Worker Visa, and Global Talent Visa.

        Business Visitor Visa (Short-term Business Visa)

        Business Visitor Visa is dedicated for those requiring short-term stays for business-related activities. We will help you understand what activities are allowed and clarify the the necessary distinctions between these visas to facilitate a smooth application process. Our services encompass two primary visas:

        • Standard Visitor Visa (Short-term UK Business Visa): Grants permission for business-related visits lasting up to 6 months. Activities include attending meetings, negotiations, and trade fairs.
        • Permitted Paid Engagement Visa: Specifically designed for paid engagements as specialists or experts invited by UK-based businesses.


        Short-term UK Business Visa Requirements

        • Genuine intent to depart before visa expiration.
        • Adequate financial provisions for yourself or dependants during the stay.
        • Means to cover the return or onward journey.
        • Adherence to not utilising the visa for prolonged UK residency through frequent visits.

        Innovator Visa

        The Innovator Visa offers a transformative opportunity for innovative businesses and entrepreneurs, replacing the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. Our expertise ensures a great understanding of the application process and potential for settlement, empowering clients for a successful journey. The Innovator Visa requirements:

        • A robust business plan endorsed by an approved UK endorsing body.
        • Minimum investment funds of £50,000.
        • Meeting language proficiency and sustenance criteria during the UK stay.

        Start-up Visa

        We offer dedicated guidance support in navigating the 2-year Start-up Visa period and strategising subsequent steps for continued business success. Tailored for aspiring entrepreneurs, the Start-up Visa is an entry-level opportunity requiring:

        • A compelling business plan endorsed by a UK endorsing body.
        • Demonstrable business skills and English language proficiency.

        Global Business Mobility Visa

        Our expertise in Global Business Mobility Visa ensures precise alignment with eligibility criteria and seamless application processes. The Global Business Mobility scheme offers five distinct visas:

        • Senior or Specialist Worker Visa: Designed for overseas senior managers and skilled employees working in UK branches or subsidiaries.
        • Graduate Trainee Visa: Facilitating graduate employees on training programmes within UK subsidiaries.
        • UK Expansion Worker Visa: Enabling senior managers to establish UK business presence.
        • Secondment Worker Visa: Facilitating high-value contract workers transferred to UK-based projects.
        • Service Supplier Visa: Allowing overseas employees or self-employed individuals to render services to UK companies under international trade agreements.

        How much immigration services cost?

        In most instances, we operate on a Fixed Fee basis for working on your case. This means that we will agree our fees with you before we start the case and they will not change. Please note that our quoted prices are only for our professional services fees. Our prices do not include any payments that need to be made by you to a third party such as the Home Office, Court Service, UK Visa and Citizenship Application Service (UKCAS), experts or interpreters if required.

        In some circumstances, the fees may be lower or higher than the prices listed below depending on the nature/complexity of the matter, whether the applicant has been refused previously and the anticipated amount of time involved. Should an uplift be needed, that will be agreed before the work is undertaken and the reason/s for it explained.

        All professional fees include time for preparation and submission of immigration applications, submissions and appeals. The fees include: remote and in-person client meetings, consideration of documents, the taking of instructions and providing advice on the options available, law & procedure, documentary requirement, likely timescales, corresponding with other parties/experts/the Home Office/courts, keeping you updated and preparing and submitting the application/submissions/appeal as appropriate.

        Our fees also cover alerting you to any changes in the law which may have an impact on your circumstances during the course of your matter. Should urgent and/or “out of hours” work need to be undertaken, an uplift may be applied which we would agree with you.

        Home Office Fees

        We are committed to providing you with a transparent breakdown of fees associated with your immigration application. Alongside our professional fees for legal services, there are Home Office fees related to immigration applications. These fees cover the government’s processing and administrative costs in managing immigration matters. Our goal is to offer you clear and comprehensive information about the overall costs of your immigration process. If you have any questions or need further clarification about the fee breakdown, our dedicated team is here to assist.

        Please be aware that Home Office fees are subject to potential changes by the government, and immigration policies, along with associated fees, may be updated periodically. For the latest information on Home Office fees and recent updates, we recommend checking the official government website or reaching out to our office.

        In July 2023, the Government implemented changes to immigration fees, impacting various visa types. On October 4, specific visa fees saw increases: work and visit visas by 15%, family visas, settlement, and citizenship fees by 20%, and student visas by a significant 35%.

        Immigration in the UK

        Let’s take a brief journey through the story of immigration in the UK. After World War II, people from Commonwealth countries came to the UK, bringing new cultures, perspectives, and energies that shaped the social landscape. At the time, Britain was grappling with the aftermath of war, seeking skilled and dedicated workers to contribute to the restoration of the post-war economy. Now, with Brexit, things are changing again.

        Brexit officially took place on January 31, 2020, and its impact on immigration policies has been substantial. The decision for the UK to exit the European Union has led to a transition to a points-based system, placing emphasis on skills and contributions to the UK. Recent statistics indicate fluctuations in the UK’s net migration, influenced by various factors, including Brexit-related policies. This shift in immigration dynamics has sparked debates about its impact on the economy and job market.

        The latest immigration regulations don’t impact EU citizens and their families already residing in the UK before the end of free movement on December 31, 2020. These individuals needed to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) to secure either pre-settled or settled status. Settled status, a form of permanent residence, is a prerequisite for UK citizenship. Pre-settled status is for those in the UK for less than 5 years, and they can later apply for settled status after accumulating the required residence time. While pre-settled status initially had a 5-year expiry, a 2022 court decision removed this limitation. EU citizens living in the UK by December 31, 2020, had until June 30, 2021, to apply to the EUSS. Newly arriving EU citizens now must obtain a visa in one of three main categories: work, family, or study. Family joining income thresholds and changes in tuition fees for EU students post-free movement are part of the evolving post-Brexit immigration landscape.

        Nowadays, individuals seeking employment in the UK must navigate a visa system categorised into work, family, or study. For businesses, this means adapting to a points-based system emphasising skills and contributions to the UK. Employers looking to hire skilled workers from outside the UK now need to follow new procedures and ensure their workforce complies with the revised immigration policies. Navigating these changes can be complex, requiring a thorough understanding of the updated regulations to ensure seamless business operations. It’s crucial for companies to stay informed and work closely with immigration experts to navigate the process of business immigration in the post-Brexit era.

        London as a global business hub

        London, as a global economic hub, boasts a diverse and thriving business landscape. The city is a base for industries, from finance and technology to fashion and entertainment, attracting businesses of all scales. The financial district, known as the City of London, hosts major banks and financial institutions, contributing to the city’s international financial prominence. Tech startups flourish in areas like Shoreditch, while renowned shopping districts and cultural hotspots create an ideal environment for retail and creative enterprises. London’s accessibility, multicultural workforce, and extensive networking opportunities make it a magnet for entrepreneurs worldwide.

        The biggest industries in the UK

        The UK has a diverse economy with several prominent industries. Here’s a list of some of the biggest industries in the UK, along with industries that often have frequent recruitment.

        • Finance and Banking
        • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
        • Manufacturing
        • Technology and IT
        • Retail
        • Construction
        • Energy and Utilities
        • Aerospace
        • Creative Industries (including media and entertainment)
        • Tourism and Hospitality

        Do you need legal support of experienced immigration solicitors?

        Immigration services near you

        Are you looking for an immigration solicitor? You are in the right place. We’ve been serving the local community for years and have earned a solid reputation. We are a law firm based in Greenford, but support clients from nearby areas such as Ealing, Acton, Uxbridge, Wembley, Northolt, Southall, and Harrow. Immigration law can be incredibly complex and it’s important to work with a specialist who is familiar with all the nuances. Whether you need us to help you through the immigration process or you just want to learn more about your options, we are happy to assist!

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