7 Reasons to Start Your Mould and Damp Disrepair Claim Today

Living with mould and damp in your rented property isn’t just unpleasant – it’s a health hazard. Black patches creeping up the walls, a musty smell that lingers in the air, and constant dampness underfoot – these are all signs of a serious problem, and you shouldn’t have to put up with it.

But sometimes, the thought of starting a disrepair claim against your landlord can feel daunting. What if they retaliate? What if the process takes forever? Here’s the truth: you have rights as a tenant, and there’s no reason to suffer in silence. Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to start your mould and damp disrepair claim today:


1. Your Health Matters Most

Mould and damp aren’t just unsightly, they can pose serious health risks. Exposure to mould spores can trigger respiratory problems, allergies, and even worsen existing conditions like asthma. Children and elderly people are especially vulnerable.

Don’t wait for your health to deteriorate before taking action. A successful housing disrepair claim can force your landlord to fix the problem, creating a safe and healthy living environment for you and your family.

2. It’s Your Landlord’s Responsibility, Not Yours

By law, your landlord has a responsibility to ensure your rented property is fit for human habitation. This includes dealing with issues like damp and mould. Ignoring these problems is a clear breach of their obligations.

Starting a housing disrepair claim is simply holding your landlord accountable and enforcing their legal duty to provide you with a decent home. You shouldn’t have to shoulder the burden of repairs or risk your health because of their neglect.

3. The Process Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

While legal matters can seem complex, starting a disrepair claim doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Many resources are available to help you navigate the process. Here are a few options:

  • Citizen’s Advice: This free service offers invaluable guidance on housing issues, including housing disrepair claims. They can help you understand your rights, gather evidence, and even communicate with your landlord.

  • Housing Disrepair Solicitors: If you need more comprehensive support, consider contacting a solicitor specialising in housing disrepair. They can handle the entire legal process for you, ensuring your claim is handled efficiently and effectively.

  • Shelter: This housing charity offers support and advice for tenants facing a variety of issues, including housing disrepair. They can provide guidance and point you in the right direction.

4. Evidence is Key, But Don’t Panic

To build a strong housing disrepair claim, evidence is crucial. Here’s what you can do:

  • Document Everything: Take photos and videos of the mould and damp, including close-ups and wide shots showing the extent of the problem. Note down the dates you noticed the issue and any attempts you’ve made to contact your landlord about it.

  • Keep Records of Communication: Save copies of any emails or letters you’ve sent your landlord regarding the disrepair. If they’ve responded, keep those records too.

  • Report the Issue Formally: Put your complaint about the damp and mould in writing to your landlord. Keep a copy of this letter for your records.

Even if you don’t feel like you have a lot of evidence, don’t be discouraged. A solicitor specialising in housing disrepair can help you gather additional evidence and build a strong case.

5. Don’t Fear Retaliation – You Have Rights

One of the biggest concerns tenants have is facing retaliation from their landlord for starting a housing disrepair claim. However, the law protects you from eviction or rent increases simply because you’re exercising your right to a safe and healthy home.

If your landlord does try to retaliate, you have legal options available to you. A solicitor experienced in housing disrepair can advise you on your rights and help you take action if necessary.

6. It Doesn’t Have to Cost Anything

The financial burden of a housing disrepair claim shouldn’t prevent you from seeking a solution. Many solicitors specialising in housing disrepair work on a No Win No Fee basis, and SilverOak Solicitors as well. This means you won’t pay a penny unless your claim is successful.

If your claim is successful, the court may order your landlord to reimburse you for any legal fees you’ve incurred.

7. Peace of Mind is Priceless

Living in a damp and mouldy property can be incredibly stressful. Taking action and starting a housing disrepair claim is the first step towards getting the problem resolved and creating a safe and healthy living environment for yourself. Don’t wait any longer. Talk to our housing disrepair solicitors, gather evidence, and start the process today.

A successful claim can bring you peace of mind, knowing you’re no longer putting your health at risk! Remember, you’re not alone in this – resources and support are available to help you on your journey.

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