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Road traffic accident claim

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Statistics indicate that approximately 1,560 people died on UK roads in 2021, and over 20,000 suffered severe injuries from traffic collisions.1 Combined, over 21,560 people were involved in road accidents, meaning every time you or your loved ones get on the road, you increase your chances of being such a statistic.2 An even more grim fact is that 129,939 road users, including vehicle occupants, cyclists and pedestrians were casualties of traffic accidents in 2021.3

The undeniable fact is that being involved in a road accident can cause extreme anguish, but the good news is you’re not helpless. In fact, you are well within your legal rights to claim compensation for the physical and emotional pain and suffering you endure due to the tragic incident. This page aims to educate you on traffic collisions and what to do to pursue a road accident claim if you’re a victim of one.

You should be able to make a road traffic accident claim if the accident:

Took place within the last three years

Caused you harm

Was caused by someone else (partially or wholly)

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The most common road traffic accidents

The UK government reports there were over 120,000 casualties of traffic collisions in 2021.4 It’s hard to tell how many of those victims sought compensation, but one thing is certain, these are the country’s most common types of road traffic accident claims:

Car crash claim, road traffic accident claim. Car crash accident damage on the road.

Car Accident Claim

Car crash claims are common in the UK. You need an adept road traffic accident solicitor to evaluate your case, determine if your claim is valid, compile the necessary evidence and guide you to victory.

Motorbike Accident Claim

With more motorbikes on the road, these accidents are more common than ever. You can claim if you’re injured in a low-side or high-side motorcycle accident that was someone else’s fault.

Cycling Accident Claim

You’re free to pursue claims for cycling accidents that other parties, including local authorities and vehicle drivers, cause. The culpable person or company reimburses you for special damages (the financial impacts of the accident) and general damages (your pain and suffering).

Passenger Accident Claim

As a cyclist, pedestrian, or vehicle driver you can make a passenger accident claim if you’re hurt in a crash you didn’t cause. The guilty party could be the driver of another car or the individual driving the vehicle you were in, even if it’s a friend or relative.

Public Transport Accident Claim

If your road traffic collision involves a train, coach, bus, taxi, or light rail system, you can make a public transport accident claim. In this case, it will be against the transport company.

Whiplash Claim

Most road accident victims sustain whiplash injuries. Whiplash leads to symptoms such as neck pain, fatigue, numbness of the arms and headaches.

Bus & Coach Accident Claim

Many individuals file road accident claims for injuries they suffer while travelling on coaches or buses. If another vehicle’s driver is responsible, they make a claim against them. However, if the bus or coach driver is guilty, the claim should be against the company they work for.

Pedestrian Accident Claim

According to Statista, about 430 pedestrians die on UK roads annually, and many are also injured.5 If you’re a victim, make a claim as soon as possible because the law gives you only three years to do so.

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    Making a road traffic accident claim

    Road accidents can easily change the trajectory of your life. While some people have been lucky to escape them unscathed or with minor bruises, countless others end up with severe burns, temporary or permanent paralysis, bone fractures, spinal injuries and even death.

    What’s more, road accidents are the foundation of profound psychological issues including anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, persistent feelings of hopelessness and withdrawal. Moreover, road accident injuries forecast increased risk for those with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    If you’re injured in a traffic collision, speak to one of our competent, experienced injury lawyers to help you build your personal injury case. Our specialists know all the rules to adhere to when claiming compensation, depending on your road accident claim.

    Causes of road traffic accidents

    The following are the top factors leading to road traffic accidents in the UK:

    • the driver’s failure to look properly
    • rider’s failure to accurately judge another person’s speed or path
    • driving recklessly
    • poor manoeuvre
    • losing control of a vehicle
    • slippery roads
    • pedestrian’s failure to look properly
    • drunk driving
    • speeding
    • sudden braking
    • tailgating

    How much can I receive in compensation?

    Our solicitor and the party liable for the incident will negotiate and agree to an amount. You can be assured that our personal injury solicitors will fight for maximum compensation.

    Who will pay my accident compensation?

    If an uninsured driver caused the accident, the Motor Insurer’s Bureau (MIB) will pay you, but if another motorist on a public road is at fault, their insurance company compensates you. Data from MIB shows that 12% of UK traffic accidents are hit-and-runs.6 Should you be involved in one, the MIB will pay your compensation.

    If a road accident is caused by livestock or pets, you have to first prove that their owner is responsible for your injuries and only then will they be held liable. Should a wild animal cause your traffic accident, you don’t have grounds for a claim, which is quite unfortunate because these are incredibly common.

    Poor road conditions also cause a small percentage of the total road accidents in the UK. If potholes, broken surfaces or cracks led to the crash that injured you, the local council or Highways England will compensate you.

    If an accident was my fault, can I claim?

    No. You can’t claim compensation for a road traffic accident that you caused. However, if you’re partially responsible, you could stand a chance, especially if the negligence of another party or company brought about the collision.

    You will need a personal injury solicitor by your side to help you make your claim. Call us now to discuss your case.

    You should be able to make a personal injury claim if the accident:

    • Took place within the last three years
    • Caused you harm
    • Was caused by someone else (partially or wholly)

    1-4Department for Transport, 2021: https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/reported-road-casualties-great-britain-provisional-results-2021
    5Statista, 2022: https://www.statista.com/statistics/866632/road-fatalities-pedestrians-great-britain/
    6MIB, 2017: https://www.mib.org.uk/media-centre/news/2017/january/drivers-unaware-of-the-serious-consequences-of-failing-to-stop-after-an-accident

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