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If you are a council or housing association tenant and your rent is up to date, your landlord has the legal obligation to perform essential repairs. If you report a repair to your landlord and they fail to complete it within a reasonable time frame, you may have a case for housing disrepair. Our team of friendly and professional housing disrepair solicitors in London will assess whether or not you have a strong case and if you do, will help you achieve the maximum compensation possible.

We operate on a No Win No Fee basis, for council and housing association tenants. There is no risk for you as you don’t pay a single penny if your case fails. If you are successful, we only charge a 30% success fee which is one of the lowest in the market. Contact us now to start the housing disrepair claim process and we could force your landlord to make the repair.

The housing disrepair claim check list

Can you answer yes to the following questions? If so, please get in touch so that we can discuss your case further:

Are you renting your home from the council or a housing association?

Are your rent payments up to date?

Is your landlord responsible for the disrepair?

Has the disrepair been reported to your landlord?

Has your landlord failed to repair the issue within a reasonable amount of time?

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Are you a council or housing association tenant? Contact us and tell us about your matter. We work on a 100% No Win No Fee basis, so you won’t pay a penny unless we win. Give as much information as you can. The more information you can provide, the better chance of successfully resolving your case. The initial assessment is always free and with no obligation to engage afterwards. Call 020 8578 7778.

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2. Build Your Case

Let our experts do all the legal work for you. We will explain what documents you need to provide so that we can process your application. Once received, our disrepair lawyers will complete and submit the necessary documents to counterparties and courts.

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3. Success

Remove the stress by having our disrepair lawyer by your side. Let us do the hard work. We will keep you updated every step of the way resulting in a successful outcome.

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Types of Housing Disrepair

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    Social Housing in the City of London

    People in London can wait a full decade for social housing accommodation if they are based in Hammersmith and Fulham. In Havering, it can take over 40 days before officials even reply to your application. News sources report that the average time on the housing register in London is 905 days, or 2.47 years. Social housing in London is either owned and distributed via the borough councils or owned by registered social landlords or housing associations.

    Housing Estates in London Include:

    • Churchill Gardens, Pimlico, Westminster. This area has 1,600 houses, many of which were rebuilt after damage caused by the Blitz in WWII. Remodelled in 1962, these homes are already suffering a degree of neglect.
    • Grahame Park, Colindale, Barnet. These houses were erected on the site of an old aerodrome. There are 1,177 homes, most of which are flats. The style of the flats doesn’t help improve public perceptions of housing estates. If your Grahame Park apartment has crumbling walls or faulty windows that your landlord has not repaired, contact our expert team of housing disrepair solicitors, today.
    • Becontree, Barking and Dagenham, London. This council housing estate contains 26,000 homes, the last of which was finished in 1935. At the time, the housing estate was named as the largest of its kind in the entire world. Unfortunately, Becontree houses have yet to be rebuilt in recent models. These homes are at high risk of housing disrepair due to their age. If you report a repair that your landlord refuses to make, you can call us for advice.
    • Chalkhill Estate, Wembley Park, Brent. There are 1,900 homes on this estate, which was completed in 1970. With houses already 50 years old and counting, you may need your social housing landlord to make more repairs than usual. If they refuse, contact our friendly team of housing disrepair solicitors to launch a claim for compensation on your behalf.
    • St Raphael’s Estate, Brent, London. With 1,174 homes built in a low density style, this is one of the more attractive council estates to live in within London. That being said, you can still reach out for our help should you encounter housing disrepairs.

    Social Housing in Greater London

    London has a large number of social houses run by the local authorities. These housing estates fall outside of the main city centre.

    Local Authority Social Housing in London Suburbs include:

    • Hillingdon – social housing areas in Hillingdon include Cedars Drive, Towers Avenue and Buckingham Grove.
    • Hackney – the two main council house estates in Hackney include the Nightingale Estate and Kingshold.
    • Haringey – the main council housing estate here is Broadwater Farm in Tottenham. The Broadwater Farm Estate is known for high density social housing. Even in blocks of flats, you may still require housing disrepair solicitors like us to help you with a fix.
    • Islington – The Andover Estate in Upper Holloway is a large housing estate with thousands of residents.
    • Lewisham – the Excalibur Estate in Catford it interesting. These were prefabricated council houses, which the UK government erected after the war. These houses were only replaced with real homes in 2011. This shows the real speed at which you can expect your local authority to respond to housing refurbishments.
    • Merton – The St Helier Estate in Morden is the main social housing sector of Merton.
    • Newham – the Carpenters Estate in Stratford is formed of three high rise, high density tower blocks alongside low rise social housing. You can see these from the Olympic Stadium.
    • Redbridge – London County Council finished building the homes in Hainault in the early 70’s. Now 50 years old and aging, some homes here require regular repairs. Contact our team of skilled housing disrepair solicitors if the local authority refuses to make the necessary repairs.
    • Southwark – Southwark contains the Ledbury Estate in Peckham, the North Peckham Estate, and the Brandon Estate in Kennington. Each of these are dated housing estate builds, with the recently demolished Aylesbury Estate a good warning against the age of these properties.
    • Sutton – the Roundshaw Estate in Wallington is the main social housing scheme in Sutton.
    • Tower Hamlets – This area contains multiple housing estates, including the Lansbury Estate in Poplar, the Cranbrook Estate in Bethnal Green, the Brownfield Estate in Poplar, the Samuda Estate on the Isle of Dogs, the St John’s Estate on the Isle of Dogs, and the Barkantine Estate in Millwall. These estates represent a blend of old and new homes. If you own a council home in this area and they are refusing to make repairs, call our team of specialist housing disrepair solicitors for advice.
    • Wandsworth – the Alton Estate in Roehampton is one of the UK’s largest and contains multiple tower blocks.

    Housing Associations in London

    Residents in London also have the option of receiving a low rent property from a registered social landlord. These landlords tend to run charities, housing associations, and other housing organisations and receive a supplement from the local authorities to offer lower rent to low income families in London. If you have a housing association home in London, your landlord has the same duty of care to you that they might have in private rented apartments. If you report a repair and they do not make the repair in a timely manner, contact us for a no obligation assessment.

    North London Registered Social Landlords

    To make things easier, we split housing associations into north, south, east, and west London areas. North London has many housing associations. However, if your landlord doesn’t fix repairs, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Housing Associations in North London Include:

    • Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association
    • Innisfree Housing Association
    • Tamil Community Housing Association
    • Hornsey Housing Trust
    • Octavia
    • Barnsbury Housing
    • Odu-Dua
    • Origin Housing
    • Ducane Housing Association Ltd
    • Abeona Housing Co-op
    • Redruth Close Sheltered Accommodation
    • Hyde Housing Association Ltd
    • Shian Housing Association Ltd
    • Forest housing Association
    • Network Housing Association
    • Wandle Housing Association
    • Peabody
    • Family Mosaic
    • Karin Housing Association
    • Parsons House
    • Historic Houses
    • HousingNet
    • Hyelm
    • West Kent Housing Association
    • Keniston Housing Association

    East London Social Landlord Houses

    If you are looking for a social housing solution in East London, the housing associations here are plentiful. If your home is neglected thanks to your landlord, give us a call today to start your compensation claim.

    Housing Associations in East London include:

    • Gateway Housing Association
    • Eastend Homes
    • Providence Row Housing Association
    • Tower Hamlets Homes
    • Sanctuary Hackney
    • Bangla Housing Association
    • Wilfrid East London Housing Co-op
    • Hason Raja Centre Whitechapel
    • Salvation Army Housing Association
    • Old Ford Housing Association
    • NLM
    • Wandle Housing Association
    • Mace Housing
    • Poplar Harca
    • Newlon Housing Trust
    • Sanford Housing
    • Applegarth Housing Association Ltd
    • Cromwood Housing Group
    • Ekaya Housing Association
    • Gilbert Daniel House
    • Shian Housing Association
    • Golden Lane Housing Ltd
    • Chisel
    • Helix Housing Association
    • Ash-Shahada Housing Association
    • Nacro Housing Services
    • Penrose House Ltd
    • Agudas Israel Housing Association Ltd
    • Clarion Housing Association

    South London Social Landlords

    South London has been settled since the earliest days of Britain. Some of their housing estates are as old as the hills. Call in our team of housing disrepair experts if you have trouble with the following socially registered landlords.

    Housing Associations in South London Include:

    • Hexagon Housing Association Ltd
    • Lambeth and Southwark Housing Association Ltd
    • Shaftesbury House sheltered Accommodation
    • Penge Churches Housing Association
    • Zebra Housing Association
    • Anchor – Bernard Sunley House
    • One Housing
    • The New Cut Housing Co-Operative
    • Brixton Housing Co-op
    • South Midmay Tenants Co-op
    • Parkhill Housing Co-op
    • The Hyde Group
    • Southern Housing
    • Women’s Pioneer Housing
    • Lambeth Self Help Housing Association Ltd
    • Ashley House sheltered Accommodation
    • Gateway Housing Association
    • Industrial Dwellings Society
    • Green Park Housing
    • Thorlands Housing Management Society
    • Metropolitan Thames Valley Clapham Park
    • WFHA
    • Hanover Housing Association

    West London Social Landlords

    West London has several registered social landlords. From too many mice in the property to the tidiest estates in London, check out the west.

    Housing Associations in West London Include:

    • Shepherds Bush Housing Association
    • Westway Housing Association Ltd
    • O’Grady Court
    • Westway Housing Association Ltd
    • A2Dominion Ealing Office
    • Hopley House
    • Innisfree Housing Association
    • Ebony Sistren Housing Association
    • Network Homes
    • Apna Ghar Housing Association
    • Inquilab Housing Association
    • Birnbreck Housing society
    • Westminster Housing Co-op
    • Parkhill Housing Co-op
    • Soho Housing Association Ltd
    • SW9 Community Hosing
    • Hornsey Housing Trust

    What is considered disrepair?

    When you agree to pay rent to a landlord, private or social, they have a legal obligation to you. These obligations, set out in law, are written by the UK government and designed to prevent landlords charging you rent for uninhabitable homes. There are clear rules on which items you may fix and which items the council or housing association are responsible for. The landlord must keep your home secure, provide safe windows and doors, and make sure you have heating and hot and cold running water.

    How much can I claim for housing disrepair?

    Every housing disrepair matter varies in severity, so we cannot determine how much you may be entitled until we assess your case. This is a detailed list of the things you can claim for:

    Damage to Property:

    If your personal property has been damaged, from mould or a leak for example, you will be able to claim for the expense of replacing or repairing these items. Examples might include broken TVs, damaged bedding, clothes, carpets, and furniture.

    Personal Injury:

    Housing disrepair can cause a number of adverse health effects, including:

    • Pneumonia
    • Asthma
    • Gastrointestinal problems
    • Carbon monoxide poisoning
    • Depression and anxiety

    Furthermore, if you or a family has suffered as a result of your landlord’s negligence you can claim compensation for:

    • Medical costs
    • Aftercare
    • Medication
    • Pain and suffering

    General Inconvenience and Suffering:

    You do not need to have suffered an injury to claim compensation. You can receive compensation if the disrepair has caused you inconvenience and suffering.

    What evidence do I need to make a claim?

    Your disrepair evidence can include:

    • Photographs
    • Videos
    • Witness Statements
    • Medical Records
    • Police Records
    • Diary Entries
    • Damaged Belongings
    • Receipts

    Are you afraid of your aggressive landlord?

    If you feel nervous that your landlord may act aggressively towards you due to the fact that you have made a complaint, we can handle the settlement agreement and all the future interactions. You have nothing to worry about. Your lawyer will be the person to speak to your landlord instead of you.

    Seek help of housing disrepair solicitors in London

    Deciding to live on a social housing estate means you have access to lower rents by comparison to other rent prices in the area. Social housing also includes short-term accommodation where the renter is in danger and must be moved from their current home.

    However, just because your rent is lower does not mean that your local authority or housing association can neglect the repairs inside your home. Many of the affordable social houses in London date back to the 1950’s, 60’s, or 70’s. Some homes in this area of the country were built at the end of WWI. This means they are in danger of becoming neglected, should the council not make the repairs you request. Repairs might include new windows or doors, crumbling walls or plaster, boiler fixes, plumbing works and electricity rewiring.

    When your social housing home in London requires a repair, report it to the relevant landlord. You must give them time to make the repair before you report it again. If the landlord repeatedly refuses to make the repair, or does not answer you within a timely manner, you may be eligible to make a claim for housing disrepair. Our team of experts can help you with London based repairs, ensuring your landlord is made accountable and fixes the damage. We may also claim compensation on your behalf to make up for your lost time and potential distress.

    Winning a housing disrepair claim has two outcomes. Your landlord will make the repair and you will earn compensation for your stress and discomfort. Reach out to our housing disrepair team today, on 020 8578 7778 today to start that ball rolling. You have the right to live in a safe home, so give us the chance to fight for it on your behalf.

    Housing Disrepair in London

    The Borough of London is a lively and diverse administrative division that includes many neighbourhoods, each with its own distinct charm and attractions. However, it also struggle with housing disrepair issue. If you’re a council or housing association tenant experiencing disrepair, contact one of our housing disrepair solicitors to see how we can assist you.

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Barnet

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Hackney

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Brent

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Ealing

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Harrow

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Merton

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Islington

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Lewisham

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Hammersmith and Fulham

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Waltham Forest

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Greenwich

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Wandsworth

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Camden

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Lambeth

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Enfield

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Newham

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Southwark

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Haringey

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Sutton

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Bromley

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Kensington and Chelsea

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Hillingdon

    Housing Disrepair Solicitors Barking and Dagenham

    Do you need legal support making your housing disrepair claim?

    Making a Housing Disrepair Claim

    Has your landlord failed to make repairs to your home?

    We will act on your behalf to take your case to court and force your landlord to make the requested repairs. Our hard-working housing disrepair solicitors can put together a case from the first consultation. Once we ascertain exactly the order of events from when you filed the claim, we can pursue your landlord through the court system. Our housing disrepair solicitors operate on a No Win No Fee basis. Even if you think you cannot afford a claim, you can make one through our team. You don’t pay a single penny until we win your case.

    If your rented home falls below a reasonable living standard because it has damp, mould or other issues, you could make a claim for compensation. You must have reported the issues and given your landlord a reasonable amount of time to repair the issues. If they have not you can make a claim for damage, personal injury, financial loss and/or nuisance.

    Your landlord is responsible for the above repairs irrespective of what your tenancy agreement says. Your landlord may be responsible for additional repairs stated in your tenancy agreement.

    Claims can be made either during your tenancy or after your tenancy, as long as you are making the claim within 6 years of the date that you informed your landlord of the disrepair. Personal injury claims related to housing disrepair must be made within 3 years of the date that you informed your landlord.

    Your landlord may not be responsible for repairs if they are a result of you either not taking care of the property properly or doing something unreasonable.

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    Housing Disrepair Solicitor Near You

    Are you looking for a housing disrepair solicitor? You are in the right place. We’ve been serving the local community for years and have earned a solid reputation. We are a friendly law firm based in London with a nationwide reach. We know that the law can be very complex so it’s important to have an expert by your side. Whether you need us to help or just want to learn more about your options, we are happy to assist.

    Housing Disrepair in London: Statistics

    Housing disrepair claims against social landlords have dramatically increased, going up by 132% in only four years. This surge can be largely attributed to issues like poor record-keeping, frustrating delays, inadequate responses to tenant complaints, and a failure to address necessary repairs. Understandably, these problems have driven social housing tenants to seek legal assistance.

    Over the past five years, English Councils that own their housing stock have shelled out a staggering £55.1 million to address a whopping 17,000 disrepair claims. However, these numbers could be significantly higher, given that data from about 100 councils in England was not factored into these figures.

    Between 2017-2018 and 2020-2021, the legal costs related to housing disrepair claims for councils nearly doubled, while the number of cases soared by 132%. This problem has hit major cities the hardest. Out of the 29 London boroughs managing housing stock (including the City of London), only 12 provided data on housing disrepair claim costs. Among those 12, a whopping £39 million was spent on claims between 2017 and 2018. This already substantial figure surged by 53% from 2020 to 2021. Moreover, the combined costs of housing disrepair claims in these 12 London boroughs, along with Birmingham, Manchester, and Sheffield, account for £48 million, representing 89% of the total expenditure in this category.

    A major factor contributing to the surge in housing disrepair claims is that tenants often have no alternative but to take legal action when they find themselves living in deteriorating conditions with no resolution in sight. Notably, a housing disrepair claim cannot be initiated until at least a month has elapsed since the initial complaint to the landlord. Consequently, the failure to respond to complaints plays a significant role in the increasing number of housing disrepair claims.

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