Housing disrepair compensation for damage to health and belongings

As a tenant you have the right to inhabit a dwelling that is in a good condition. This would include being free from water leaks, mould, damp, vermin or insect infestation, and other similar problems. Your landlord is obliged to keep your property in a reasonable condition, making sure that it is suitable for habitation. This includes ensuring that your personal items, health and security are not compromised by inadequate maintenance.

An unpleasant living environment can quickly have adverse consequences, so your landlord must take these responsibilities seriously. If your landlord has not maintained your home to a suitable standard, you may be able to take legal action and apply for a compensation payment. Housing disrepair claims are designed to protect tenants from neglectful landlords and provide the necessary compensation for their failure to do so.

What constitutes housing disrepair?

It is the duty of your landlord to fix any defective parts of your rented accommodation and make sure that you are not physically harmed or suffer a financial impact due to the disrepair. Some actions your landlord is responsible for may include:

  • Ensuring that your home remains in good structural condition.
  • Keeping the heating system up and running.
  • Keeping your home free from damp and mould.
  • Keeping the premises pest-free.
  • Making sure that sufficient sanitation facilities are available.
  • Providing secure access to essential house amenities such as electricity, gas, water and a functioning heating system.
  • Ensuring the drainage channels are in proper working order to help to prevent flooding problems.

Can I sue the landlord for property damage?

You are fully entitled to take legal action against your landlord and claim compensation for damage inflicted upon you due to the lack of maintenance in your rented property. Our experienced housing disrepair solicitors will be able to advise you on how to initiate a case against your landlord and substantiate their negligence.

SilverOak housing disrepair solicitors are among the most experienced in the country. They will fight for your compensation to ensure that any necessary repairs are carried out according to your tenancy agreement in order to keep you safe and healthy. Additionally, they will pursue an appropriate settlement amount for you.

How can I prove landlord negligence?

To make sure you can get compensation from your landlord, it is essential to present clear proof of their careless actions. You must demonstrate that:

  • You reside in a home that requires work and is not in good condition.
  • Despite numerous complaints, your landlord has not seen fit to make the necessary repairs.
  • The landlord’s negligence has caused you to experience difficulties and has had an adverse effect on your health, personal property and finance.

What can I claim housing disrepair compensation for?

When it comes to filing a claim, it is important to understand what you can claim for. Here’s an example of what you can claim:

  • Damage to belongings. Compensation will be available to cover any damage caused to belongings, such as from leaks and faulty electrical appliances resulting in burns, mould and damp affecting your personal belongings.
  • Personal injuries. If you have endured any physical or mental harm as an outcome of housing disrepair, it is possible to make a claim. Your compensation figure will be based on the severity of your state of health and its effect on everyday life. Furthermore, your settlement will also cover the financial losses you have sustained due to the damage.

Any other form of nuisance can be sought as compensation too. This ranges from disruption to your home caused by insect infestation, water damage and extensive mildew or flooding.

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