Reasons to seek legal advice before accepting a settlement offer

When you are the victim of an accident that was not your fault, the temptation may be to accept the first deal offered by the third party’s insurance company. Do not take the deal! Seeking independent legal advice could increase that cheque exponentially.

Negotiating with insurance companies after an accident is the same as fixing the plumbing in your home. You could do it yourself, but you could also do more damage, doing it yourself. In an attempt to save yourself cash, you might cost yourself a fortune and make things worse. Or, in the case of negotiating with a third party’s insurance company, you might miss out on a fortune.

Accepting the insurance company’s offer makes you a victim twice

Crafty insurance firms will try their best to pay you off quickly and quietly. They will offer a sum which may seem substantial, but which may only cover the bare minimum cost of your medical bills. Do not allow them to make you a victim for the second time.

What to do to protect yourself legally after an accident?

If the third party’s insurer does reach out to you, do not speak with them. Instead, contact a legal adviser that you trust. Check their competency and experience in the field by asking questions about their experience in handling situations like your own. Find a law firm which specialises in personal injury cases.

Reasons to always seek legal advice after an accident

There are copious reasons why you should seek legal advice instead of negotiating on your own. These reasons include the following.

Specialist Advice

Victims of injuries get specialist legal advice. This essential advice includes tips on what to claim for, what to file, and how to gather evidence to backup your claim.

Maximum Compensation

With more evidence behind you and knowledge of exactly what your claim is worth, you can follow the guidance your legal adviser gives you to get maximum compensation. This could be two or three, or even ten times as much as the initial offer.

Minimal Stress

Court cases are horrendously stressful. If you have a personal injury lawyer in your corner keeping you up to date, you breeze through the system, rather than becoming mired in it.

Full Confidentiality

All lawyers submit to the rules of confidentiality of any discussions that take place with clients. Anything you tell your lawyer is in strictest confidence.


Lawyers working for victims will claim After The Event Insurance on your behalf. This protects your interests, comes with key benefits, and helps those without legal expenses cover.

Local Law Firms

Choosing a local lawyer means you have access and approachability when you need it. SilverOak Solicitors are UK based. We can even communicate with overseas clients, should your accident happen abroad.

Medical Experts

In any claim for personal injuries, you require an expert medical witness. If you choose our law firm, you will work with the best doctors in the field of medical reporting.

No Win No Fee

Our personal injury lawyers will charge no fees unless we win your case.

Why choose SilverOak Solicitors?

Insurers have managed to bring about changes in the law to ensure that the victims of accidents go without full compensation. We at SilverOak Solicitors, together with the assistance of our investigative affiliated companies, are still here to fight for the innocent victim and get them the compensation they deserve.

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