Seeking Compensation for Accidents on Holiday or Abroad

Many people miss out on compensation for injuries sustained during holidays because they worry about dealing with foreign legal systems or believe they must return to the country where the injury occurred to make a claim. However, thanks to the Package Tour Regulations, injured parties can seek legal action without returning to the injury location.

Getting injured while on vacation can not only spoil the victims experience but also affect the entire travel group. The stress of the injury, visits to hospitals or doctors, and missing planned activities can all ruin the holiday.

Holidaymakers can seek compensation for various injuries and illnesses, such as accidents in swimming pools, slips and falls, food poisoning, incidents at theme parks, and injuries caused by faulty equipment. If you have an injury or illness that impacts your holiday enjoyment, don’t hesitate to seek compensation for the suffering it’s caused.

The most common accidents on holiday

While enjoying your holiday, you might experience various unfortunate incidents, such as slips and falls in hotels or on uneven pavements, swimming pool accidents due to poor maintenance or lack of safety measures, food poisoning from improperly prepared or stored meals, and theme park injuries, which can result from malfunctioning rides or inadequate supervision.


Additionally, transportation accidents, such as car crashes or cruise ship mishaps, can also occur. Water sports or recreational activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, or zip-lining can sometimes lead to accidents, especially if safety guidelines are not followed. These incidents often disrupt your vacation enjoyment, require medical attention, and may leave you wondering about your rights and the possibility of seeking compensation for the suffering and inconvenience they cause.

How much compensation for being injured on holiday?

The amount of compensation varies depending on several factors, including the injury’s severity and the circumstances that caused it. Compensation typically includes covering costs such as medical expenses, travel expenses, and any loss of income.


If the injury results from the fault of the hotel or another company is liable for it, your personal injury solicitor should be able to claim damages through the local County Court.

What else is included in the Package Tour Regulations?

The Package Tour Regulations also allow holidaymakers to make a claim if the holiday they receive doesn’t match what was advertised by the company. If you were provided with factually incorrect information, such as false claims about hotel facilities or inaccurate location descriptions, you may be eligible to claim for the distress or inconvenience caused.


For instance, if you had to pay for taxi services to reach the local town while the brochure described it as a short walk from your accommodation, these costs could potentially be recovered through a compensation claim.

How SilverOak Solicitors can assist you

At SilverOak Solicitors, we operate on a 100% No Win No Fee basis, which means you won’t incur any costs if your case isn’t successful. If you’ve suffered an injury or illness while on holiday, you might be entitled to a significant compensation, so seeking legal advice is always a good idea.


To initiate your holiday injury claim, we’ll conduct a brief telephone consultation to gather details about your injury or illness, allowing us to determine your eligibility for damages.


Holidays are meant to be the highlight of your year, not a time of suffering. Contact our personal injury solicitors, and we’ll assist you in securing the maximum compensation possible.

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