Everything you need to know about accidents in public claims

When you are the victim of an accident in a public place, it can lead to injuries, mental issues or serious consequences, including amputation, brain injury, or spinal cord damage. You may suffer from bruising, muscle damage, or a broken limb. Whether the accident causes long lasting or short lived injuries, experiencing an accident can be challenging and stressful to cope with.

If the accident does result in an injury, you will need to focus on your recovery. This may involve taking time off work, attending medical appointments, and undergoing rehabilitation. Because of these additional costs, it is important that you source an excellent legal representative. A personal injury solicitor will guide you through an accident in public compensation claim to ensure they pursue the maximum compensation amount on your behalf.

The most common accidents in public places

A public place refers to any location that is openly accessible to the general public. It typically includes places that are owned or maintained by the government or public entities, such us:

  • Parks and gardens
  • Streets, sidewalks, and public roads
  • Beaches and waterfront areas
  • Public libraries
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Shopping malls and retail centers (common areas)
  • Public transportation stations (e.g., train stations, bus stops)
  • Public buildings (e.g., government offices, courthouses)
  • Playgrounds and recreational areas

Accidents in public can happen in various ways, such as falling from a height, slipping on stairs, or falling down a manhole. In such situations, the first priority is to ensure your own safety. Move away from any immediate danger or hazardous areas. If you are unable to move, make sure to alert others about your presence.

When accidents happen we tend to go into shock. You may not be in total control of your actions for that period of time. Shout out that you are in danger and alert other people. Ensure someone contacts the emergency services if they are needed. Do not move anywhere unless it is safe.

Document your accident

Gathering evidence after the accident includes obtaining contact details from witnesses, capturing photographs of your injury and the surrounding damage, and documenting everything you can. This will prevent those responsible for the accident from portray themselves as innocent.

Take as many pictures as you can. Photograph the scene from different angles or ask someone to do it on your behalf while you seek medical treatment. Document your injury and recovery through pictures as well. You may wish to contact a personal injury lawyer as early as this point. Any evidence you can gather now will be vital in your case.

Report the accident in public

How can you prove that you have experienced an accident in a public place? Obtain contact details from witnesses and exchanging information. If the accident occurs in a public building, request the proprietors to record the incident in their accident book, and ensure they inform their insurers.

Medical assistance

Regardless of whether your injury is permanent or not, it is important to seek medical attention after an accident. Visiting a hospital or your GP will help create a medical record that confirms your involvement in the accident. Medical reports are valuable pieces of evidence in supporting your case. In more serious accidents, it is advisable to contact the police and file a police report.

Notifying the insurer

If you have your own private insurance company, you should notify them of your accident. Otherwise, it will be up to the people who own the area where you encountered your accident to speak with insurers. Keep all the copies you get of any documentation the insurance companies send to you. Do not agree to any offers until you have spoken with a personal injury solicitor.

Launching an accident in public claim

After an accident, you should consult your matter with a personal injury solicitor. You have the freedom to choose either local or national solicitors. A reputable personal injury solicitor will dedicate sufficient time and effort to your claim to maximise your compensation. Without obtaining the maximum compensation, you may face financial difficulties due to loss of income or ongoing medical costs in the long term.

Accidents in public could have far-reaching consequences. A twisted ankle could become an ankle that suffers constant chronic pain. A solicitor who pushes you to settle too early runs the risk of neglecting that chronic pain. Future you will be out of pocket paying for medical costs and appointments even although the accident was not your fault in the first place. A good personal injury solicitors will take time to review the process with you, factoring in costs from health issues which might arise later in your life. Getting maximum compensation provides for this. Settling early does not.

Start your own journal dedicated to the accident. Put all of your pictures in it, all the contact details of witnesses, and write about what happened from your point of view. In this journal, record your recovery day by day. Rate your pain per day. Take pictures of your wound healing. Keep receipts and invoices from and appointments. This will all help strengthen your case.

Why SilverOak Solicitors are your best choice for an accident in public claim

SilverOak Solicitors will always put your interests first. Using years of experience in the personal injury sector, our solicitors are highly skilled in managing accident claims. Our knowledge help victims of accidents in public places to get the justice and the maximum compensation amount which they deserve.

We operate on a Risk Free, No Win No Fee basis. Book a free case assessment where we can check the strength of your case. If we agree to take it on, you don’t pay us anything until we win your case. Our success fee is both ethical and the lowest on the market.

We understand the importance of ensuring that the money from your compensation reaches you as soon as possible. We will thoroughly review your case so you can reach the maximum compensation you deserve.

How much compensation can I receive?

The value of your compensation will vary based on the type of accident you experienced and the resulting injuries. Permanent injuries, injuries which cause disability, and traumatic injuries will all earn the most in compensation. Accidents might include broken legs, arms, or hips due to falls. A piece of building work could fall on you as you go about your day. Someone could even open a car door and hurt you as you pass by.

To determine the compensation entitlement for your case, we will assess both the general damages you have suffered and your path to recovery. These factors will serve as the foundation upon which we will build your case.

How a personal injury solicitor can help

How can SilverOak Solicitors help you? When you have experienced an accident in public, seeking legal guidance can help you build a strong case so your claim reaches the maximum pay out possible. Our professional team of personal injury solicitors can advise on the expenses you incure and how to claim them back. They can guide you on other financial aspects of your recovery, gathering evidence, including keeping receipts and travelling fees which leave you fitting the bill as a result of public accidents.

Here at SilverOak Solicitors, we have a dedicated team of personal injury solicitors who are eager to leverage their skills to your advantage. Contact us, and we will provide you with an honest and ethical assessment of the value of your claim. If you choose to pursue a claim following an accident in a public place, our helpful team will always advise you on the actions that will yield the best results. Talk to our experts today to initiate your personal injury claim.

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