Is it possible for cyclists to receive compensation if hit by a car door

Road traffic accidents involving cyclists have been increasing in recent years, resulting in a rise in the number of serious injuries. As a cyclist who has been injured due to a vehicle door collision, you may want to consider filing for injury compensation. This could cover physical pain and suffering as well as any damages resulting from the accident.

A guide for cyclists who have been hit by a car door on how to receive compensation

Cyclists are susceptible to various accidents that involve car doors. For example, when a driver suddenly opens their vehicle door, the cyclist may swerve to avoid hitting it and end up getting hit by an oncoming car instead. This can cause minor cuts and bruises or more severe head injuries.

Additionally, cyclists may fall from their bikes or collide with stationary objects which have similar consequences. A surge in road rage has also led to a rise in bike accidents across the country due to “dooring”.

If you’re a biker who’s been hurt due to an opening car door incident, seeking compensation against the driver is possible if you’ve suffered minor or major harm as a result of such negligence. The courts could potentially award you with appropriate damages depending on your case details.

What is car dooring?

Car dooring refers to the act of opening a vehicle’s door into the path of an oncoming cyclist, motorcyclist or other road users.

Rule 239 of the Highway Code specifies that individuals are obligated to avoid hitting anyone while opening their vehicle door. Both drivers and passengers have the responsibility to assess whether it is safe to open a vehicle door prior to doing so.

In the event that a cyclist is injured by a car door due to the driver’s or passenger’s careless actions, they may be held responsible for any resulting injuries.

What can I claim if I’ve been hit by a car door?

In the event of an injury, you may be entitled to compensation for both physical and financial damages. Whether you were in close proximity to the vehicle or riding your bike on the pavement, it is always the responsibility of the driver or passenger to make sure that opening their door does not pose a safety risk.

A solicitor specialising in personal injury cases can provide guidance on the necessary paperwork to bolster your claim. Several items may be incorporated within a personal injury claim:

  • General damages
  • Travel Expenses
  • Medical bills, including any treatments that are not available on the NHS and which are needed
  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss of anticipated earnings
  • Care claim

In the event that a cyclist is injured by a car door due to the driver’s or passenger’s careless actions, they may be held responsible for any resulting injuries.

How much compensation can I receive if hit by a car door?

The amount of compensation awarded to a cyclist involved in a car accident will predominantly hinge on the extent of their injuries. In order to calculate the final sum for reparation, two distinct categories will be evaluated and added together. General damages will cover the pain and suffering caused by your injury, which is the first aspect to consider for compensation.

In case of contributory negligence, the compensation given may decrease due to various factors such as lack of reflective clothing or lights, reduced visibility or unsafe riding practices (such as excessive speed). Nevertheless, it is important to note that the primary responsibility still lies with the person opening the car door and they should exercise caution.

How a personal injury solicitor can help

If you require guidance after being in an accident, a personal injury solicitor can help you build your case and claim compensation. We can also help you with information regarding the out-of-pocket expenses that could potentially be involved in your personal injury case or accidents resulting from car doors.

At SilverOak Solicitors, our team of experienced personal injury solicitors will evaluate your claim and offer insight into the most effective course of action. Contact us to speak with one of our personal injury experts about your case today.

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