Everything you need to know if you have suffered a serious injury

Being involved in an accident can lead to a serious injury. Serious injuries are painful, may cause long term damage, even could lead to a permanent disability. From amputations to traumatic brain injuries, serious accidents can leave you with anxiety, PTSD, and further health problems. No matter how well you recover, a serious injury can have a massive impact on your life.

If you have suffered a serious injury, you will need to take time off from work to recover. As a small business owner, this could even lead to the downfall of your business. Not only do you lose income during this period, but you also face a lengthy recovery time. You may need to attend rehabilitation or other appointments to speed up your recovery. All of these mounting costs emphasise the importance of choosing a professional personal injury solicitor.

The most common serious injuries

The following are the most common serious injuries:

Ensure your safety first

Ensuring your safety should be your priority after an accident, whether it resulted in a serious injury or not. If you have sustained a serious injury, it may be best not to attempt moving around. Instead, use your voice to alert people to your presence. If possible, call emergency services, or ask someone to call on your behalf. In more serious accidents, you should contact the police as well.

Serious injuries often require immediate medical attention. It is important that you promptly seek assistance by going to the hospital or visiting your local general practitioner (GP).

Document your accident

Once you have reached a safety place, you can focus on gathering essential information. You should obtain contact details from witnesses, and photograph the accident area. Check if there is a CCTV recording available at the time of the accident. However, if you have sustained a serious injury as a result of the accident, you may not be able to collect your own evidence. In such situations, you should contact the police or a personal injury solicitor, as they possess the necessary expertise to identify and gather relevant evidence.

Additionally, you can ask friends or relatives to help you collect evidence. Request them to take pictures of the accident area from different angles and to pay attention to any circumstances that may have caused the accident. Also, you should take pictures of your injuries as you recover to build solid evidence to support your case.

Report the accident

Reporting the accident in the correct way should help you provide further evidence for your personal injury claim. A serious accident in a public building or workplace should be recorded in the building’s accident book. If the accident occurs on the street, you should report it to the local authorities or the police. Additionally, when you check into the hospital or visit a local GP for treatment, you will obtain a medical record of the accident.

Medical aid

If you have sustained a serious injury due to an accident you must seek immediate medical help. Regardless of evidence gathering or witness statements, your priority should be your health. Focus on getting help and on attending all of your rehabilitation appointments. Be aware that there are injuries and mental health problems which may arise long after the accident. Medical reports are clear evidence that will support your claim after a serious accident.

Notifying the insurer

If you have your own private insurance company, you should notify them of your accident. Otherwise, it will be up to the people who own the area where you encountered your accident to speak with insurers. Keep all the copies you get of any documentation the insurance companies send to you. Do not agree to any offers until you have spoken with a personal injury solicitor.

Launching a serious injury claim

You can search for a legal firm near you or you can hire a nationwide personal injury solicitor based on their skills and expertise. However you choose your new legal representations, keep the following things in mind.

First, you must file your claim for compensation within three years of the accident that caused your injury. Filing in a reasonable timeframe allows for more time to review your case. Filing closer to the deadline may result in a faster closure to your case and can leave you underpaid for the accident and the serious injury you have sustained. If you do not receive the maximum compensation amount because of this, then you are the victim for the second time.

Since the statute of limitations covers that three year period, you cannot return in future to claim more compensation for the same accident. If your personal injury solicitor fails to win your case, you could miss the opportunity for compensation. Similarly, early settlement can result in lower compensation. When you chose your personal injury representation, they must explain all your options for both short term and permanent injuries. A great solicitor will predict that you may develop further injuries over time. These costs can then become added to your compensation amount in preparation.

Why SilverOak Solicitors are an excellent choice for a serious injury claim

SilverOak Solicitors have years of experience in providing clients with successful resolutions to their personal injury compensation claims. We always work in your best interests to bring the best possible outcome to your case. Book a free case assessment to learn more about how can we assist you. We operate on a Risk Free, No Win No Fee basis. You will not pay us anything until we win your case. Our success fee is both ethical and the lowest on the market, making our services accessible across the UK.

Anyone who has suffered from an accident will require the compensation money in their accounts as soon as our solicitors can get it for them. SilverOak Solicitors appreciate this and understand how stressful and difficult the recovery process can be. We will carefully review every aspect of your case so that you can receive the maximum compensation. Get in touch with our personal injury solicitors now to arrange a consultation appointment.

How much compensation can I receive?

Your total compensation amount will vary based on the nature of your accident and the injuries you have sustained. Your personal injury solicitor will work out an estimate of the potential final compensation you might receive when they know the details of your case. We will assess the damages, the injuries you endured, and the total costs involved in your case to give you an estimate.

How a personal injury solicitor can help

An accident which causes you severe pain and injuries could leave you requiring legal assistance to claim compensation. Our personal injury solicitor can help you make a stronger case, gaining you the maximum compensation. We can advise you on financial costs which you can include in your claim, and work on your behalf as a professional and friendly service.

SilverOak Solicitors are the best choice in any type of accidents which cause serious, permanent, or long-term injuries. We will offer invaluable insights and help to secure the maximum compensation you deserve. Reach out to our personal injury team today to begin your case.

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