Everything you need to know if you had an accident at work

Enduring a workplace accident can lead to long-lasting mental or emotional health issues, or even leaves you permanently disabled. Did you suffer an injury that forced you to take time off work and therefore lower your income? Taking time off to recover can be compounded by the medical tests, rehab, and recovery appointments you must attend. This is why it is important to seek qualified legal advice from a skilled personal injury solicitors to protect your interests and earn you the maximum possible compensation.

In this article, we will provide you with essential steps to take after a road traffic accident, and explain how personal injury solicitors can assist in the process. From office accidents to falling from height on a construction site, our highly experienced team of personal injury solicitors can help you get through this troublesome time.

The most common workplace accidents in the UK

According to statistics, those who work in the water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation services are the most likely to suffer an accident at work. Transport and storage, as well as other service activities, create the second and third most accidents. Of those accidents, slips, trips, and falls were top of the list in common types. Those who become injured during handling, lifting, and carrying, come a close second.1

The most common accidents at work involve the following:

  • slips, trips, and falls
  • factory accidents
  • construction site accidents
  • office accidents
  • warehouse accidents
  • farm and agricultural accidents
  • care home accidents
  • manual handling accidents
  • employees being struck by moving vehicles
  • needle stick injuries
  • falling from height accidents
  • faulty or unsafe equipment
  • lack of personal protective equipment
  • accidents caused by lack of training
  • workplace assaults

1Statista,2023: https://www.statista.com/statistics/509710/self-reported-workplace-injury-rate-united-kingdom-uk/

Safety is a priority

After any accident your priority is to make yourself safe. Immediately after the incident at work, you should try to secure your situation. Call out for help, drag yourself from the path of danger, and contact local medical services for an ambulance if you need assistance.

You should only move if it is safe for you to do so. For example, if you fall from height and land on a pile of bricks or building materials, you should not move until it is safe to do so. Let others help you if you have a workplace accident.

Gathering evidence of the accident

If you had a workplace accident, you must gather as much information and evidence as you can. Check if the accident was recorded and secure the footage. Speak with witnesses and record their statements. Take pictures of any visible evidence.

Additionally, take detailed pictures of your injuries to show how extensive the damage was. Photograph the whole scene of the accident from as many angles as you can. It will build a complete picture that will help you provide evidence for any forthcoming compensation claims.

Report the workplace accident

Do you live in the UK? If so, make sure your place of business records your accident within the onsite accident book. To not have one of these breaches the health and safety rules. Ensure your employer records it.

Medical help

You should attend your local GP’s surgery or a hospital depending on the severity of your injury. This creates a record of the incident. It also highlights any injuries which might not be immediately apparent. Even if you are uninjured, a medical report is clear evidence of your accident.

Contacting insurers

Your employer’s liability insurance should cover the costs of the accident, which includes your recovery cost. It is illegal for an employer not to have this type of insurance within the UK. Inform your employer to contact their insurance company or hire our team of expert workplace accident and personal injury solicitors to represent you.

Launching an accident at work injury claim

It is your decision over which legal firm you choose to represent you during your claim. A good representative will help you to secure the maximum possible compensation for your injury. You must file your personal injury claim within three years of the date of the accident. This is in line with the Limitation Act of 1980. Beware of solicitors who wish a speedy conclusion to your case. The greater the time invested in evidence gathering, the better your chances of achieving that maximum compensation amount. Without it, you might end up out of pocket, particularly if your injury is permanent.

If you suffer a workplace accident there may be undiagnosed issues with your health caused by the accident, not apparent at the time. For example, you could develop PTSD. If you choose a solicitor who is too eager to conclude your claim for compensation after a workplace accident, this could see you short of money long-term. When you pick the right personal injury solicitor to represent you, they can explain the entire process for either small or serious injuries. Like our team, an experienced personal injury solicitors will factor in the potential for future medical costs. To do this, they will cite past cases which are similar to yours, and present evidence of medical issues which those past injured people developed over time. This insures the compensation for future medical costs.

To make your injury claim process simpler, keep records of every appointment, document, receipt, and communication with the insurance company. Take notes documenting your injury and recovery, including those photographs from earlier. If there are any other expenses, including travel or medication, loss of income, or loss of future income, record these, too. This will support our team of personal injury solicitors as we construct your case.

Why choose SilverOak Solicitors for your work accident claim

At SilverOak Solicitors, our professional personal injury solicitors always put your goals at the forefront of any claim. Our expert legal know-how and our numerous completed cases outline us as the best solicitors for accidents in the workplace. We operate on a Risk Free, No Win, No Fee basis. This means you don’t pay us a penny unless we successfully win your workplace accident compensation claim. We offer a low fee to stay as ethical as possible. With prices as low as possible, we allow an equal chance at recovering your expenses across all walks of life.

SilverOak Solicitors understand your wish to conclude the compensation claim as quickly as possible after a workplace accident. However, we also know the pitfalls that speedy conclusions to compensation claims cause. We will thoroughly review each aspect of your claim for an injury suffered during your work day to gain you the maximum amount of compensation for your claim. It is this attention to detail which sets us apart as specialist personal injury lawyers within the UK.

How much compensation can I receive?

If you had an accident at work, the amount of compensation you can claim will differ based on your injuries and the nature of the accident. To find out what the maximum legal compensation you could claim for, our team of professional accident and injury solicitors will use two categories.

The first category will relate to the damages that the injury caused. For example, it includes the cost value of your pain and suffering. The second category deals with expenses, receipts, bills, invoices, and all the other evidence you gather regarding your claim. Our team of expert workplace accident solicitors will use these two categories as guidelines to determine the initial estimate of your compensation. To achieve this total, you will require professional guidance from a specialist in personal injury and workplace health and safety law.

How a personal injury solicitor can help

How do SilverOak Solicitors help you? Legal guidance in the event of an accident will add value to your case. We can advise you on evidence gathering, contacting insurers, and recording your loss of income accurately. By strengthening your case, we increase the compensation you can claim.

SilverOak Solicitors are an experienced team specialising in personal injury law. Seek our advice for insights into your claim for compensation after a trip, slip, fall, or other accident at work. Our valuable insights can boost the potential pay out, guide you towards the right actions at the right time, and offers foresight on future issues. Contact our advisors now to let our personal injury experts handle your case.

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