What happens if you become pregnant during the UK Visa Application Process?

There are rules you must abide by if you are a pregnant person travelling to the UK. You may want to take extra steps to secure your passage to the UK should you become pregnant after you apply for your visa. Here is all you need to know about immigration regarding yourself, your partner, and your child.

Do you have to tell the visa office that you are pregnant?

When you apply to come to the UK, you do not need to declare your pregnancy. You can apply for a tourist visa as normal or remain here for up to 6 months if you are visiting from an EU country. The difference in law lies in whether or not you have the baby while you are in the UK.

What if you have a baby while visiting the UK?

If you visit the UK on a standard visa from a non-EU country, or from an EU country, your immigration options will vary based on what nationality the baby’s other parent is. If they have indefinite leave to remain through settled status, or if they are a UK citizen, then you might think about applying for a different type of visa to start your family with such as a Fiancé or a Spouse Visa.

What if you have a baby during limited leave?

Alternatively, you might become pregnant in the UK when you have leave to remain or if you have pre-settled status. If you acquired limited leave to remain in Britain, you do not have to do anything. You can continue your stay as normal. Unless your baby’s other parent has indefinite leave to remain or citizen status, your child is not an automatic British Citizen through being born here.

If you return to your country to have your child and require a further limited leave visa later in life, you cannot include that child on that visa. You will require a child dependant visa to bring your child with you back into the UK.  Again, if the child’s other parent is a UK citizen, the child will get citizenship status and won’t need a visa, but you will.

Can you apply for a Spouse/Fiancé visa inside the UK?

The law would normally ask that you apply for the Family Visa from outside the UK, however, you could ask the officials governing your case for leniency if you have extenuating circumstances. This is one of the ways employing an immigration lawyer could really help your case.

The UK Spouse Visa

The UK Spouse Visa gives you the right to remain in the country based on your partnership with a UK citizen or foreign national who has the right to remain. There are eligibility requirements for this visa, such as a minimum income threshold of £18,600, you and your partner must have been together for more than two years and you can both speak passable English. This visa lasts 33 months with the potential for 30 months more. After 5 years you can apply for permanent residence.

A Fiancé Visa for the UK

The Fiancé Visa allows you and your partner-to-be time to plan the wedding. You can stay in the country with your loved one for 6 months before you must leave. When you marry, you can switch to the spouse visa.

Do you need a lawyer to immigrate to the UK?

Although not legally necessary, an experienced immigration lawyer will give you and your family the best chance of successfully completing your visa application and will save you unnecessary delays.

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