Everything You Need to Know About the Shortage Occupation List

Maintaining a good supply of available workers is crucial for any country to uphold its standard of living. In the UK, we have a system in place to ensure the correct number of workers is maintained, known as the Shortage Occupation List or SOL. This list compiles various job titles that are in short supply within the country. Its purpose is to attract new workers to come to the country through the Skilled Worker Visa. Those who possess a skill on the SOL and have applied for the Skilled Worker Visa can gain access to the UK by meeting just 80% of the standard rate for the visa.

What is On the UK Shortage Occupation List for 2023?

The Shortage Occupation List is updated each year and currently includes over 30 essential occupations for the country. The standard list comprises musicians, architects, welders, artists, scientists, engineers, and graphic designers. The updated version for 2023 also includes additional occupations such as agriculture trades, masonry, carpenters, construction workers, plasterers, and professional fishing individuals.

According to the Points-Based System (PBS) in the UK, individuals with a job offer for a role on the Shortage Occupation List automatically receive 20 additional points on the test. The PBS awards 50 points for sponsorship, including 10 points for meeting salary requirements, 20 points for having the appropriate skill, and 20 for sponsorship. An applicant must score 70 to be approved for work in the UK. The additional 20 points can be obtained by meeting the minimum salary for working in the UK.

The minimum salary for applicants is approximately £10.10 per hour. However, when the chosen occupation appears on the SOL, applicants must meet 80% of the minimum salary, making it easier to get approved for an occupation on the UK Shortage Occupation List.

Additionally, the application fee for the Skilled Worker Visa is typically £719 for 3 years. However, those with occupations on the SOL have a lower fee of just £479 for 3 years. For longer stays, the standard fee is £1,423, with SOL applicants paying just £943.

The Shortage Occupation List maintains two different lists: one for those staying within the 3-year mark and the second for those desiring to reside longer than 3 years.

Search the Shortage Occupation List

For anyone with the desire to work in the UK, the standard route is through the Skilled Worker Visa. The application process is straightforward and can be managed either within the UK or before your arrival. However, it is much easier to apply and be approved for job opportunities that appear on the SOL. Essentially, these occupations are crucial for boosting and thriving in the economy. Therefore, government entities are more willing to approve applicants who have jobs listed. Before applying for your UK Skilled Worker Visa, take a look at the SOL. It is a publicly available list from the Home Office, so do yourself a favour and consider the SOL when applying for your UK Skilled Worker Visa.

How SilverOak Solicitors can assist you

Navigating the complicated cycle of immigration laws within the UK can be a nightmare on your own, and everyone needs a little assistance. If you find it difficult to secure your visa or even locate a starting point, contact SilverOak Solicitors. We have assisted countless individuals along their journey to work in the UK, and we can help you as well.

Whether you are just beginning the process or have encountered a few bumps along the way, SilverOak Solicitors is here for you. We are the experts you have been looking for and enjoy helping new individuals settle in our great country. Take a look at the SOL and see if your chosen job appears on the list. If it does, you are in luck. However, even if your chosen profession does not appear on the list, do not be discouraged. Let us help you find the right path for entry into the UK today. SilverOak Solicitors is here for you.

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