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Our highly proficient solicitors are able to assist with a range of immigration law matters including Settlement in the UK; Work Permits; Marriage and Business applications. Where legal aid would be appropriate we can signpost applicants to available services elsewhere.

Visitors to the UK


Our immigration solicitors can provide assistance with applications and appeals on behalf of Visa Nationals and their Sponsors. Visitors visas are normally issued for six month periods or less. Visitor visas fall under two categories, namely family visit and general visit. These are generally only granted where the visitor intends to leave at the end of the visit, the visitor will not work in the UK and the visitor will not require assistance from public funds.



Work Permits


We can provide assistance with applications and appeals concerning Work Permits and Migrant Workers including applications on behalf of highly skilled migrants and those covered by the national shortage occupations scheme.



British Nationality


Our immigration solicitors can provide assistance with British Nationality applications including advice concerning the “Life in the UK” British Citizenship test.



Asylum in the UK


Asylum in the United Kingdom: This status is granted to refugees who “owing to a well founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, social group or political opinion” are unable to return to their country of nationality.





The application will depend on the evidence that is provided to the Home Office (Immigration Directorate). A full statement setting out everything that will assist the case has to be prepared. It is essential in most cases to have documentary evidence to support the case.





Whilst the application is being processed the applicant will not be detained or deported unless the applicant commits a criminal offence or breaches immigration rules. If the applicant leaves the country the application will be terminated.



Human Rights


The application will be assisted by the Human Rights Act in that there may be a claim of breach of one or more of the following rights – right to life – prohibition of torture – respect for family life – freedom of religion – freedom of expression – freedom of association.



Refugee Status and Humanitarian Protection


If the home office recognise an Applicant as a refugee or decides that an Applicant may stay in the UK for Humanitarian reasons then an initial period of leave may be granted for a five year period.



Discretionary Leave


If an applicant is not recognized as a refugee or granted humanitarian protection the home office may grant discretionary leave. You will be eligible to apply for permanent residence once you have lived in the UK for at a six year period.




Our immigration solicitors will provide an estimate of costs at the outset and will advise if the estimate is likely to be exceeded. Most applications involve fees payable to the Home Office.


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